Going to bed happy!

Not to knitpick but Bishop had over 300 passing yards in a loss a few weeks ago, but yes things are looking up.

Joseph's career has been ruined by the Toronto Argonauts. He was never an elite QB talent but Austin (both in Ottawa and in Saskatchewan) knew how to use him right: roll him out of the pocket, let him play sandlot football and scramble as much as throw. Burrato and now Andrus have spent two years systematically destroying his confidence by asking him to be a pocket-passer. No surprise that he's a shadow of his former self, particularly when you consider that his receiver corps is not CFL quality, the O-line can't block for anyone, and the O.C. (Andrus) has been revealed as a rank mediocrity.

Very sad.

I agree with everything you said... If the clock could be turned back, he should have stayed in Sask and Bish in Toronto. The Argo situation would have had Bish at QB and HC Rich Stubler would have been the HC as agreed.