Going to bed happy!

Say what you want about beating Toronto, fact is that's a pretty good defence we hung 29 points on. Refreshing to have some gas left in the defense's tank at the end of the game.

The boy's did well, all around...been awhile since I could say that. Step in the right direction...well done BLUE!

A win is a win...

Yup...needed that one...cheers!

Was a great game, very exciting from beginning to end. Did not understand the wripping that the announcers and panel had to say about Bomber offense. I think it has just come to the point where it`s the in thing to crap on Bombers offense. They let their professionalism get away from them. I enjoyed the entire game, was on the edge of my seat. Was a little to close for comfort at the end due to the blocked punt.

.....We played good enough to win.....were still hanging in there (by a finger nail) but heh....we have a lot of home games left....ya just never know....If it weren't for a couple of critical errors....we would have put the argos away earlier....Those are things that have to be worked on and corrected...The blocked punt for one....securing the ball for another...Kelly gets to fight another day :wink: :smiley:

After watching Amey and Guise I really wish we would have dumped Bryant sooner.

Amey,Amey,Amey, this guy is a keeper. Guice played unselfish. Good to see.

The beginnings of a decent receiving corps with these 2 guys. . .

The Canadian Press writer saw the game as I did!

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Games/2009/09/27/11141201-cp.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 01-cp.html[/url]

Another article.....

Quarterback Michael Bishop, despite having a relatively inexperienced receiving corps at his disposal, had his best game for Winnipeg. The Bombers have renewed hope after Bishop completed 23 of 32 attempts for 312 yards and two touchdowns. They did not, however, step on the Argos' throat.

and from Paul Frieson.....Y

ou found yourself rubbing your eyes in disbelief in that first half, when Bishop came out with his arm on fire.

Eight of his first nine passes were on the mark, 11 of 14 overall in that opening 30 minutes, producing an eye-popping 214 yards through the air.

guice made some big blocks, looks pretty good. amey clearly should have been activated long ago... bowman has some much natural ability he's just got to find a way to hang onto the ball... he could turn out to be a great reciever.. get a healthy edwards back in the mix and i think this group is where it needs to be

i still think bc will win more games down the stretch... but hey crazier stuff has happened... if the playoff picture starts looking bleak i still would really love to see the new qbs get some starts.. It would give us a head start on evaluating them... but for now lets keep it up blue..

Need to play for this year until the team is mathematically eleminated

You're absolutely right...still a long way to go... GO BLUE!

Positive sign for Winnipeg, no doubt. Bishop isn't nearly as bad as advertised when his receivers are making an effort to catch the ball.

What I notice about Bishop too is that it's crucial to establish the passing game early to build his confidence. Once he gets on a roll, he can be a monster. But if you keep going two and out, he's far more likely to start the arm-punting parade as he tries to force passes where they shouldn't go.

I think things would have gone better earlier had Bombers not tried to run the ball so much. They finally started to throw the ball to the RBs. My hope is that they give up running the ball so much, yes run the ball after the passing attack opens up the run, not the other way around. How many downs have been wasted trying to get the running game going? This is the wrong league for that much running, you want the NFL and its 4th down for that to work. Even yesterday, there best game of the year, the y ran 1st and 2nd down and punted.

My worry is they go back to trying to run, it`s a loser from the start.

Even with four or five weeks Bishop looked better than Kerry Joseph. Joseph has no idea what kind of QB he is anymore. I think it is the end of the road for him frankly unless he's willing to accept backup money next year.

,,,heh......you're bang-on... :thup:

A much needed victory for the Blue but almost game it away at the end to a bad Argos team. Finally a bomber QB this year going over 300 yards passing. A receiver stepping up in Amey. And despite TO coming back they played well enough to hold on to the win. Sometimes it takes a win like that to turn around a season, hopefully this is that win. Few negatives but we'll leave that outta the post. Looking forward to next game hoping they can put up the same results.

Go Blue

I think if he's going to keep playing then a paycut will have to happen but I also think he needs to go to a team that will run an offense that plays to his strengths rather than to his weaknesses. I think Joseph has shown himself to be a class guy and a team player with the way he has handled his demotion to #2. He would certainly be a big asset for the right team.

Yes, that's true, he's handled it like a true professional. . . not even a hint of any whining from him. . .

And you just know he's got to be steaming inside. . . it's not as if Cody Pickett has been reminding anyone of Doug Flutie or anything like that. . .