Going to be a boring cup

If this is the best team the east has to

I picked them to win in Daves pool because
i figured Dave wouldnt last, but Montreals
making Buck look like the next Doug Flutie.


Boring Cup my as$.

Montreal's making Pierce look like Flutie? Bull! Buck is showing that he is good enough to be a starter anywhere else in the league.

Pierce is on his way to becoming a great quarterback, and he proved it tonight...again.

I have to agree with you on Buck. Another contraversy in the making! This kid is for real he made no mistakes

No contraversy here, Buck is satisfied with being the #2 right now...especially since he's playing behind a QB who has never played an entire season.

What other team would give him this much playing time?

Question is, come November 19, will Wally shoot himself in the foot again by starting DD instead of a younger QB who's helped get the Lions to the big dance?

Buck Pierce is proving without a doubt he can play is this league and showing once again that Coach Wally Buono has a eye for quarterback talent.Saying that,come the playoffs Coach Wally is as loyal as they come and DD would likely start regardless how well he plays.

Too bad for lions fans, they’ll probably lose either Dickenson or Pierce to ottawa if there’s an expansion draft next year. Both are great qbs.

And not a possible returning Casey Printers should he have enough of being on the practice squad in the NFL?

I'd rather lose Dickenson...we need Pierce.

It always amazes me when people cannot distinguish between what is their opinion and what is fact. So Mongo, your post flatly states that Wally Buono shot himself in the foot in ’04 by starting Dickenson in the Grey Cup game instead of Printers. And you know this how?

We went through Caseymania out here last year in Lionland and it was enough to drive ya nuts,Obviously Dickenson won the favour of #1 QB out here in and IMO I'm happy for it.When the time comes to lose a QB I believe Buck is fully qualified to be the new #1 guy out here and for DD to move on to help out a new team elsewhere.

It won't be a boring Grey Cup for BC Lions fans this year. :cowboy:

mongo isnt the only one who thinkgs this.
answer to your question:
cuz the lions didnt win against a team that was 9-8.

The best teams don't always win the grey cup. In 2005, Edmonton was the third best team from the west. The champion is the team which performs best in 2-3 playoff games. In a short series, anything can happen. However 18 games of the regular season is really the best indicator of teams strength.

the eskies had tied for the 2nd best record in the league last year.

11-7 was tied with the stamps for 2nd in the west and tied with the argos for 1st in the east....

so while your correct sayin they were 3rd in the west, its also true to say they were 2nd in the league, only 1 win back of the lions.

Ah Drummer, when I read your responses, I never know whether to laugh or cry.

First (and least important), most people can correctly add 8 to 9 and come up with 17. How did the Lions lose the ’04 Grey Cup to a team that only played 17 games that year? Okay, I'm splitting hairs.
Second, because the Lions lost to a team that according to you was “9 – 8?, you conclude this is proof beyond a shadow of doubt that Buono started the wrong quarterback in that game. And this makes sense to you, huh. There were no other factors involved and there was no possibility of BC losing had Printers started? Please explain to me how you know that.

The Argo's record in 2004 was 10-7-1. They played their best football at the right time, and benefitted from a bonehead decision to start Dickenson instead of Printers in the GC game. My guess is the game would have been different if Printers added his rushing skills to the game. It might have kept Toronto's D off balance. Dickenson's performance wasnt the best in that game, even if Printers started the 2nd half , the outcome MIGHT have been different. Im not saying BC would have won, but it would have been a more interesting game if Printers had played in that game, peroid.

What I want to know is why Winnipeg can never find good backups like this guy? The kid is amazing...

Sambo: Read my original post. This was never about differences of opinion; it was about personal opinions that are expressed as fact. If you choose to flog your biases as immutable truths, you can probably expect some feedback. Life is kind of unfair that way, don’t you think?

Mongo's opinion, as he stated, Neil, is that Buono made a mistake in the fact he started DD over Printers. You can disagree with him, but I happen to agree with him, he should have went with Printers. We will never know if BC could have won with him in the game, but like I have said, it might have been a totally different game if Printers had started. I really dont see anywhere in Mongo's post that he was stating that BC would have won the game with Printers as fact. You may have interpreted it that way, but I dont see where he infers that in his post. You are reading far too much in his post.