Going To And From Toronto

I'm probably going to be coming over for a Bomber game in Toronto this year and figured I'd head down for a Ti-Cat game while I'm there that weekend.

I've heard you can take a train but would it just be easier to rent a car and drive down?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Y2C- Easier and Cheaper to just take Go Transit (train and/or bus) to downtown Hamilton and then just take city bus to stadium. If you have a game ticket beforehand the city bus is free both ways.

Take a look at the Go Transit site for an idea of how it runs. It would be aboutt 45 mins or so to Hamilton, depending on time of day. The city bus company is the HSR and you can catch the Barton or Cannon line and they will let you off right at the stadium. Cheers.

Hi Y2C

Go is your best option. Having said that there are no direct trains from Toronto to Hamilton on the weekends. If you are coming in on a Saturday or Sunday you are better off just getting the Go Bus which you'll find across from Union Station on Front Street. It will take approx an hour but it's direct from Toronto to Hamilton. Approx cost is $19 return. Platform 22 is where you grab it I believe.

Trains from Toronto to Hamilton Monday to Friday leave at 4:30, 5:00, 5:30 and 6:30 unless the schedule has changed. You wouldn't be able to get a direct train back to Toronto in the evening as there are none scheduled. I think the last Go bus back is at 11:00PM.

When you get out at Hamilton Station you can grab the King/Cannon/Barton bus. Just tell the driver you want out close to Ivor Wynne. $2.25 each way or free if you have your game ticket with you.

Hope this helps.

If you are talking about the July 31 BC @ Hamilton game, it is scheduled for a 7:30 start which means there is a good chance you might not make the last GO Bus (Hamilton QEW GO Bus) back to Toronto (11:30pm) unless you leave the game early.

If I was in your situation I'd just rent a car.

I have made this trip many times, and you have a few options. The first is as stated, you take the bus direct from union to Hamilton go-centre, and then you either take the city bus or a cab, which will be around 10 bucks. You can also take a train to Burlington, and from there connect on to a bus that takes you to the Hamilton Go-Centre. Having made both trips, I find the train/bus to be a bit faster. If you decide to leave from another station such as exhibition, then the train/bus is your only option.

I'm with everyone else and suggest GO Transit is your best bet. If you catch the QEW Express bus from Union Station, it'll get you at the Hamilton GO Centre in about an hour. If you have your game tickets in advance, I suggest walking north from the GO Centre to the corner of King and Hughson to the 1A/10 bus stop and catching the Ti-Cat Express bus (if they have them again this season). It's a free shuttle ($2 and change without game ticket) that lets you off on Melrose on the west side of the stadium. The Express buses start 2 hours before game time, and from King and Hughson depart every 20 minutes.

Coming back, the Express buses leave the west side of the stadium on Melrose 15 minutes after the game's ended. However, make sure you get the ones marked "King and Hughson" as there are Ti-Cat Express buses for other parts of Hamilton. The last GO Bus to connect to the GO Train in Aldershot leaves the Hamilton GO Centre at 10:40, but the last QEW Express bus to Union Station/downtown Toronto leaves at 11:30.

The bus to and from sounds like a decent option but we'll we might just end up driving ourselves since we'll more than likely spent most of the day in the city as we want to hit up the CFL HoF and just check out the town.

Thanks for all the info guys. :thup:

(Also, yes it would be for the July 31st game vs. the Lions.)

lol the funny thing is the bus drops you off right in front of the hall of fame.