Going to a Lions Game is A Total Waste of Time!!

Went to the game tonight.... Horrible experience... We showed up on time....but it took us ten minutes to get through the turnsiles.. Walked to our section then decided to get some wine before taking our seats...the game was already seven minutes in...
Instead of having beer,cider and wine already waiting in cups.....THEY ACTUALLY WAIT FOR YOU TO ORDER AND POUR THE DRINK IN FRONT OF YOU...... JUST SHEER STuPIDITY...
By the time we take our seats the first quarter is over...UNBELIEVABLE...
ME and my old man watch 12 whole minutes of game action...but by that point we are starving... You see they only serve beer at the food stands so because we got wine...we were unable to get any food.. So we get into the food line 3 minutes before halftime... we exit the food line while THE SECOND HALF IS ALREADY IN PROGRESS!!!!! We run back to our seats because the fifty fifty draw is suppose to be made and we purchased seven tickets for 10 dollars... We watch about 2 minutes of game play before we are informed that the draw was already made (if we won that is something I'll never know)... Then My old man wants some more wine.... I tell him that they cut it off after the third quarter... So we go back in the line having seen a grand total of about 15 minutes of football. We wait in line and just barely make it to the front of the line before the end of the third quarter... guess what...OUT OF WINE... I got a couple of ciders...my old man got NOTHING.
On the way back to our seats we run into the guy who was sitting beside us.... He's absoulutely furious because he tryed to buy a Geroy Simon jersey and they told him that it would be ready for the next game... He obviously declined and lamenated how the Lions didn't want his money..... That is just ridiculous..I could see if he wanted an obsure jersey....but GEROY FRICKIN SIMON... COMEON!!!!!
So we are able to watch the first 10 minutes of the forth quarter....The Bombers get picked off yet again... We decide to skip the ACKLES tribute to beat the traffic home.... SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE.... It takes us a half an hour just to get on the train..... Not a big deal normally but when you are already frustrated as hell.... it just piles on.
The sad part is that there was only 35K there.... What if the original predictions came true and there was 50K there.... Instead of seeing 25 minutes of game action......I might of seen 10 minutes!!!!!
Why is this....because I'm a CFL FAN.... I want to watch the game.... If your not a rabid CFL fan you might not mind going to games cause it's something to do and you don't mind if you miss half the game.... However if you are a true fan like myself...then stay home and watch it on TV.... ATLEAST YOU GET TO WATCH THE GAMES
P.S. AT Canucks games the beer are ready poured and often you show up and no one is in line...Usually a TV time out is enough time to score some beer and make it back to your seat

apparently, beerwine is more important to you than the game.

too bad.

A True cfl fan wouldnt miss the game just to get alcohol.

Ban me if you want but, I'm pissed. I've never seen such a stupid group of statements in my 33 years as a Lions season ticket holder.

You go to the game to watch the football not eat, buy jerseys, or drink wine. You want custom jerseys buy them at Blue Line any day of the week. You want your wine chilled and ready to serve go to a homo bar and get it.

Trust me in saying I and the rest of the real fans don't want you or your ridiculous complaints to come to any more games thanks.

The fact you left before the Bobby Ackles tribute, because you wanted to 'beat traffic' tells me everything I need to know.

Since you won’t be using them, can I have your tickets?

well said Retrievil.

Drinking wine at a football game.....something just doesnt sound right about that.

What a horrible post, especially considering the night.

Everything about the night (except why there was a special ceremony) was great...the fans were exceptionally well behaved and there was only one "incident" in the stands (at the end of the game) that we saw. The tribute was moving and there was a real sense of comradery.

You have to expect line ups at sporting events...especially for booze. Which is why you have options:

Eat & drink before you attend the game (like we do).

Understand that in order to serve everyone, it takes time. Have a little patience - they have TV's there so you don't miss the action.

Way to sound like a whiner and put a black mark on a special night.

And please don't call yourself a "true fan"...a true fan stays until the end and doesn't leave their seat when the game's being played (unless it's for a bathroom break). I don't - and I consider myself a "true fan".

Seriously if your gonna complain, make sure you got legit beefs and not some nonsense about wine, and being too slow to get into your seat. Come prepared to the next game, come strong or stay home.

I've gone to several games at BC place and if wine/women/booze isn't at the top of the list they treat you really well! I'm sure if you dare to experiance the game stone cold sober the quality will increase! Wow!

I'm a Bombers fan... so Ackles doesn't mean the same to me as you.... Furthermore.... how many people actually stuck around for the Ackles thing..... maybe 10 K.... So in your opinion.... you only want 10 K showing up at BC Place for every game.
And finally.... In every other staduim I been to... from Australia to California to Manitoba... People bring consessions to you... You don't even have to leave you seat to buy a fifty fifty ticket.... Not at BC Place however...
As for the homopobic remarks...my father is diabetic and beer has to much of something his body can't process.. No it's not the alcohol...
And Football You bet... Having four drinks over a three hour peiod is hardly excessive drinking... As for seven eleven... I got off work at 5... drove home... showered ...changed ..got on the Skytrain at 6:10 and made it to the game at seven sharp....
Why I can't show up at seven... grab a couple of drinks and sit down with a couple minutes gone in the game is not a ridiculous expectation.
As for me staying home....Well I spent $160 on two tickets.. plus another 75 at the game... so I'll tell you one person who wants me to go to Lions games..... DAVID BRAYLEY.
AS for getting the jersey at a store... Can you imagine if you went to a Motley Crue concert and wanted tour shirt....No... just go down to Value Vilage and get one....
Comeon get with the 21st century.... The Lions go on about being a flagship franchise... yet the Whitecaps run a better show then the Lions at a fraction of the budget...... BRAYLEY....SELL TO LOCALS NOW.

Trust me... If I ever go to another game I'll be crotching a mickey of JD.
As far as I'm concerned.... They are encouraging it.

No I've lived in BC for 10 yearsw and the Lions have grown on me... I'm just stating that I had a very frustrating time at the game...and it is my father who stated how ridiculous it was first...
As for going to Bomber games... I can remember waiting in lines.... but NOTHING like this....

agreed.... waste of money too.
Canucks tickets are even more.... but atleast you get to watch the frickin game

YOU made that choice. You could've watched the game...it's called priorities. You picked a bad night to slam the organization - I left there feeling proud.

A lot more than 10k 'stuck around' for the tribute. If you had any class whatsoever you'd realize that Bobby Ackles was much more than Mr. BC Lions, he was one of the largest forces behind promoting the CFL, regardless of team loyalties.

One of the people I go the games with is a Bomber fan. Her father was 'Indian' Jack Jacobs. Do you know who that is Ms. Bomber fan? She wears a Bomber jersey signed by every member of the team. Guess what? She was there, and stayed, and recognizes the contribution Bobby has made to the CFL.

Keep your money and spend it elsewhere. If you told David Braley you left before the tribute to beat traffic, he'd probably smack your face. I don't think he cares about your pathetic $160.

I wouldn't doubt the concession stand lineups at Whitecap games are better. Nobody gives a crap about soccer in North America. Never have and never will.

My father works tommorrow and has to get up at six am... That's why we were trying to beat traffic... We were awfully suprised with the tens of thousands of others who had the same idea...
As for Jack Jacobs.... Winnipeg staduim used to be called "the house that jack built".... so stick that in your pipe
Furthermore ... I'm sure Bobby Ackles would be concered that fans were having a frustrating time at Lions games... By no way am I disrespecting him by stating an honest opinion I had at the game.
I was in the upper deck and they litterally had half the conssion stands closed... I'm sure if Bobby was around...... he would of realized that if you put 10 people in your upper deck that you have leave more then a hand full of consession stands open...

No, it wasn't all traffic from the game though. A concert right across the street at GM Place ended at the same time (James Taylor). There was also the Cirque de Soleil carnival thing going on in the parking lot, which meant there was a whole load of extra traffic (we noticed it too). Parking was tough.

Honestly, upper deck or not, the line ups are always huge - which is why we avoid them. They do their best, but when you cram thousands under one roof, it's bound to be lined up.

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience.

You would think with the amount of money that concession stands make that they would do every thing in their power so that people didn't avoid them.

hey blin, I've never been to BC place, but i've heard similar stories about rude service and poor service, so I can see your point, I've even heard they have pimple faced teenagers, asking 40 year olds for ID before the serve liquor. So I can see where your coming from. If I were you I would sneak in a few snacks and probably a bottle of mickey.

Really Blin, you have to make these complaints on a night where they honoured Bobby Ackles? It is classless to do that, and I agree with some of the other posters, a true fan would have stayed no matter which team they cheered for.. I wish I could have been there just for the tribute. I don't get to go to many games in Regina, you should be fortunate that you can go to the games! Amazing how you just can't please some people.

For sure... As for the staf.... I had a seventy year old consession stand worker who was hard of hearing.... Kudos for her continuing to work... but comeon.... find people who can speak decent English as well (before I get more hate mail...I don't care if they're purple..... just speak English or French please.... or don't allow them into Canada... obvious exceptions would be refugees