going to 1st game vs. edmonton. want info on molson stadium

I'am excited to be heading up to montreal for my first cfl game vs. edmonton. I watch it on tv and listen to it on the radio. Was wondering how the experience compares to the nfl, or ncaa. And where is the best place to find tickets(agency, ebay,????). Any tailgating at the stadium? I would appreciate any feedback.

Well Peter.
Good Luck getting tickets at the ticket office. There are plenty of scalpers around the on the way up the mountain. But hurry, cause they go fast.

As for tailgate parties, all I can say is on the North Side, there isnt really. South side maybe.

As for the experience, I've been to Ottawa's Frank Claire Stadium and Toronto's Rogers' Stadium, and I think that Molson Stadium was the best. The atmosphere during the game is very amusing. First you get the fruity Pom Pom Boys with their slingshots, flinging T-Shirts into the crowd and the Crowd booos them. Then you have the Molson Trucks with the Air Guns that FIRE T-Shirts into the crowd, and everyone loves it. The fans drive the Security Guards insane with the Beach Balls, which are not permitted, and when the guards attempt to get them, all of a sudden theres lik 10 beach balls flying around the stadium. The Music is great. The fans buying each other beer, drunks talking, singing, dancing and laughing all together and sooo much more. Its really worth it. And also, a great Alouette Victory :smiley:

Your gonna have the time of your life. Montreal is the party city of Canada. And with this experience of Alouette Football atmosphere, theres a Great CFL Game, and what better game then a classic Edmonton/Montreal game?

Hope this helps a little.

Thanks that is absolutely what i wanted to know.

Guys i don't know about you, but i can't wait for tomorrow game vs. eskimos. I think Montreal will crush, these guys. Time to step it up boys.

None the less, it will be a great game! You'll have a blast Peter!

Yup sure can tell you never seen a game before with that statement.. lol jk, but im gonna hold you to that your gonna crush the Esks statement, can't blame ya for saying that tho, after the loss to the gades..


It's called hope :lol: , or wishfull thinking. I always go into a game with that attitude. Ricky Ray will have nice ride when he gets carted off the field.

Enjoy that game ! I'll be watching it on tv :slight_smile:

Thanks Uglyandhasty. I will provide a brief review of my experience, when i come home Sunday. (Compare it to college, and the NFL.)

Ok i'll be reading it. Personnaly my experience is pretty limited. I have seen football game in Montreal at McGill and Olympic Stadium( i try to go to Montreal at least once a year), and in the PEPS in Quebec for the Rouge et Or football (university). I had seasons ticket for the R&O, but this years its not a good idea with the wife giving birth in august. You will love football at McGill i think. At the big O its another kind of experience, bigger crowd make it a show in itself. But stop posting and get in that car ! Dont be late, get there a few hours before, walk around the place, take a few beer(if you dont have to drive after the game). I'll drink one to the health of those lucky enough to be there !

the game was great and the atmosphere unbeliveable...but that molson stadium sux... I was sitting right behind the al's bench (section x) the seat are so hard that my back hurts and the room to walk under the stands is narrow, dirty and ugly...nice improvement for the toilet tho.

the beer is cheap compare to the bell center and I don't care much about the rest after a couple cold ones.

Landry was amazing what a fast runner... he was running out of gas on his first touchdown he was not running fast 110yards... me and my fat belly could have catch him :slight_smile: