Going this weekends game first time since 1995!!

Whew finnaly gonna make it to a game its been like 12 years or somethig Anyway I was wonder if anybody know when and if you can get autographs Ive got some classic stuff I would like signed for when my little guy gets older thanx

I doubt there is any formal autograph sessions planned, but the players are usually forthcoming in signing stuff post game if you catch them before they hit the lockers.

Or call/email ET or Hopson directly and see what they say....

Where are you sitting? Which section?

If he wants autographs, he needs to be on the West side....

Were sitting green section west side second level thanks arius ill call and find out GO RIDERS GO

Enjoy the game!

How'd it go?

Thes won, how do you think it went...:lol::lol::lol:

hahaha ya your right they did win and it was awsome next time im sitting on the sunny side though. Im thinking I might invest in some season tickets next year we had alot of fun until we tried to throw a few passes on the field after the game the cops didnt like that much hahahahahaha.

you cant be disappointed with season tickets!