This is a topic that gets me going. The richer teams spend all of this money to get the best players and go over the limit. The dumb a$$ commisioner doesn’t do anything about it. He says next year there is one in order but why not this year? Thoughts?

YES, the commish almost lost his job.The OTTAWA situation was the excuse. He has to be careful of what he does , or doesn’t do…some owners have big EGOS and they have to define and put in writting what his’ powers really are.

The CAP was never really that offical…just a guide so that owners wouldn’t get there teams in financial trouble.

It is like the NHL owners…their commish signed a deal years ago…then the owners went on a spending spree and than …ask for a new deal to get rid of the one that they signed on to.

Lets hope the CFL owners are not that stupid.

ALL CFL teams , except EDMONTON have needed aid at one time or another.

I hope that the CFL owners…relieze that WRIGHT is the best thing to happen to the CFL in decades , and gives him the power to enforce a REAL CAP. :wink:

I don’t know much about this, but there needs to be one

…and Ottawa will get fixed.

I beleive the term they like to use is “Salary Guideline”. Hellothere correctly points out that there is no “official cap”.

What would be a good level? Does it include just players or coaching staff?
Lots of details to work out when implementing a cap.

Also I want to jump on the Tom Wright Bandwagon. He has done a great job. Again as Hell there points out he must be careful how he “treads” when and if a cap gets instituted.

I agree, Tom Wright has done a great job as commish.

As for a salary cap, I am all for it. However, if reports are correct that almost all the teams are currently above it and can afford to keep it that way, I think it should be raised a bit to reflect that.

A real CAP , would help every team and the CFL’S image.

Are you listening owners?..give TOM the power…for the CFL to have a true level playing field. 8)