Going in the wrong direction!

We appear to be heading in the wrong direction. TSN commentators mentioned the fact that Winnipeg was building up for the end of the season playoff run while Hamilton seemed to be going the other way. So what is the problem?
Firstly, Kelly was featured on TSN saying that Winnipeg at the beginning of the season was a work in progress and that now the players have bought into what he was trying to do; hence, the team was coming together as play would indicate. From this one might infer that the players in Hamilton are not as sold on what’s happening in their club. We have lost several close games which no doubt has taken its toll on player moral. On top of this there is a QB controversy. Players must have personal feelings on this matter creating potential team issues. The fact that MB chooses to stick with an unproven rookie while a good veteran stands on the sideline is very puzzling. In addition there have been far too many random player movements. As a MLB whenever there was a new guy playing around me I always felt a bit uneasy because I hadn’t had time to get know his tendencies under game conditions. With all the changes on the offense every week James in Currie out, Porter in, Porter out, Glenn in etc. can cause confusion.

The funny thing is, we started the season so well with QP. Now we want to throw him under the bus.

I think the issue is coaching. We haven't adapted to the changes that happen week to week in the CFL.

The first half of the season, we made all of the right half time adjustments.

Now, after 14 games, the other teams will watch the Cats and see how pathetic our offense is run. It's so easy to stop our offense. All you need to do is stop our running game 3 times in the first quarter and then just sit back and play the pass.

We don't establish our running game early and our passing plays are probably drawn up with crayons because we have no creativity.

Our players aren't motivated. They have probably played the same way all year and just say that they are doing the same thing as in the beginning of the year.

This team needs a wake up call and I guess the Montreal fiasco didn't do it. Tonite's loss had better have done it or it may be a 50 point loss next Sunday.

I rember in the beginning of the season when things were going well we had a good "give away/ take away" ratio.

Turnovers were rare.

Now, Porter seems to throw a pick or fumble very early and in a very costly manner. What's happened?

after labour day game i think the team became convinced they had the playoffs locked then they got into rogers centre a week later and put forth an uninspired which they should have won.
goes to show you what a desperate team does and that was winnipeg today,,,,i wasn't all suprised at the result today and a lot of people are "like what happened"? when this downward spiral started weeks ago and it should have been addressed back then.