Going back to a game seems weird now

...you’d walk into the stadium, literally bumping into people but that’s okay because the herd is all generally moving in the same direction...and the stadium was packed, and everyone sang the national anthem, and everyone around you went crazy when your team scored...and you high-fived strangers...and everyone was enjoying themselves...

...wonder what that’ll be like to do that again?

...I’m afraid I’m starting to lose the notion of being in a location with thousands of other people...what it’s like to be at a Big Event again....I’m concerned that society will take a long time to heal and believe that ‘coming together’ again is a good thing (which it is)...

...sorry for the downer thought, so I’d welcome anyone to tell me I am wrong and that having rider fans surround you will happen again and it’ll be a good thing...and if you feel the way I do then maybe here’s a good spot to discuss that idea...

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I'm not gonna lie I will be at home opener


It's true; I can't imagine being at a packed concert for example. I feel like I'd be deeply uncomfortable.

A long Time ? How about NEVER...

...long time = never :crazy_face:

Well Red and White, though I do agree that it will be strange for many at first but once the all-clear is back, much like as I have seen when things were re-opened here in the US by late February damn whatever the law was saying (they never enforced things terribly consistently in the US in all but a few areas and seldom in spots high in tourism but for Hawai'i), the herd will be back like before the pandemic rather quickly because people are creatures of old habits for the most part.

But certain things for me are no more like in Sully's example a heavily crowded concert without seating or food buffets or salad bars whether they are serve yourself or somebody is serving you from food sitting out unless refrigerated (i.e. in a deli case) before heating.

...I’d like to think too that I’ll be in McMahon with 35,000 others on that first day, but it feels very strange to visualize this...

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I think most people are uneducated about COVID. I'm not saying covid isn't real but the way society has gone about attacking is quite embarrassing and shows how soft the world is. Sports entertainment music are all weak cause of the mentality and weakness of people's minds.

If you are afraid of going to a packed sports venue in the coming months you should be aware that going to a grocery store or those living in apartment complex or those stepping into any sort of inside office complex or gives you a thousand X chance of getting covid than a sporting venue.

The #'s will never show it but even the scientists that were against large gatherings today have stated that there is zero evidence its dangerous considering the precaution the venues take.


That people are uneducated about how germs spread pre-covid and the bacteria / viruses that people had on their body prior to covid went into the ''i dont care'' category.

So if you are afraid of covid now then i'm hear to say you are like 1% there of education and the real facts could keep you inside your home for the rest of your life.

Choice is yours


Texas Rangers sold out their home opener and packed games 2 and 3.

California in a month will have venues packed.

Time to get ready and move on or you are just wasting your life


Well, in about 7 days we are going to find out if large sporting events with capacity crowds are super spreader events in Texas. That 40k crowd at the Rangers-Blue Jays game is one hell of a sample group.


Sadly, some people are now refusing to come out of their house... The media and government did a hell of a job on the elderly... But can you blame them when they see their Prime Minister refusing to leave his door steps...

Well, look who's back!

What, no 'breaking news' from your impeccable sources ??

There seems to be an underlying current of whether the covid is a real threat or not, in this thread. I'm not gonna take sides or make a call because I simply do not know. What I do know is I was never one for crowds in the first place. I wasn't afraid but I was always wary. The crowd mentality is not always sane....My wife and I were isolating a long time ago in Ontario due to the overpopulation. Too many people in one location ! We stayed home. We had the "Been there. Done that. Gone fishin." attitude... Both of us are retired and we have heart problems so we are erring on the side of caution. Maybe we are wrong but we have a great place and enjoy the land.
Would I sit in a jammed stadium again ? Well, if the venue was in Halifax I just might. I think Nova Scotia has less than 30 active cases.


Hope you are doing well out there in Nova Scotia Dan.

I likely will be fine once this Covid beast is tamed to return to a full stadium but I do wonder how long it will be before my natural instinct is no longer to veer away from people walking towards me or to stop 5 or 6 feet behind somebody in a line.

Right now on Queen Street here in Hamilton which has narrow sidewalks it is not uncommon for the person walking one direction to veer up on to the grass and the person the other direction out on to the road so that nobody is actually on the sidewalk as we pass each other.

Hope you are well out there buddy!

...wasn’t my intention, I don’t see how anyone can believe in scamdemic conspiracies, not my cup of tea....

...the study was to determine if my trepidation of stepping back into a massive assembly of humanity was shared, or if others have no hesitation about this? For myself it’s going to be strange, a little unnerving I can guess, but I’ll still go...

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In my opinion, too many of the wrong people are not staying at home including trash finger-wagging drove who are screaming all the time at others.

I'm happy if they all stay home as are most of us.

I will always be cautious but I will be seated at my seat at Mosaic as soon as they will let me. I will have both of my shots of vaccine by then and I will not be wearing a mask (unless required to do so to get in).


Unless and until as you describe is the common and dominant goal and the case, we are not winning this battle including right now.

I think there will be some pent up demand on everything and anything for a large portion of the population .

How many see the CFL as a source of the pent up demand for watching a live event will be uncertain as we don't know what the league will look like when we return to full capacity .

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