GoEastMountain.com - Ticats Launch Stadium Support/Info Site

After receiving thousands of supportive letters and calls from fans, alumni, fan clubs, the TigerTown Council and the broader business community, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have launched a comprehensive website to provide fans and area residents reliable information and a platform to support the East Mountain stadium site.

The website can be accessed at http://www.GoEastMountain.com

I look forward to the East Mountain site...Imagine the view from the the top of the stadium, overlooking Lake Ontario!

How much money do the TigerCats expect from the Future Fund for the EM site I'm wondering? Is this a fair question?

Well why not, everyone else has a site. I'm in support of the EM but after signing I'm sooooo starting my own blog and calling it

The blog - Raise the Bugs (or EM site, whatever). :wink:

I signed up and Will Support the GoEastMountain.. :thup:

I can feel the momentum gaining for the East Mountain site. I love it more every day. I'm rushing over to that site now to add my name to the list in favour.

A stadium/commercial complex fits in from a business sense at the East Mountain site

whereas one at the Rheem factory site does no fit in from a business sense

nor does it fit in with the City's Setting Sail Official Plan for that neighbourhood.

which, once achieved, will improve the quality of life of the citizens living there.

Hmm... The site does not show a count of how many people signed... nor does it display their statements. I guess they want to be able to hide the numbers in case they don't compare with the pro WH one.

That's what I was thinking. How can we know if it's finanacially responsible when we don't know the costs?

I'm not averse to supporting EM given a definate no for WH, but I'd need to know the financial details and what the public would get out of it.

At least we know the public committment to WH on a capital scale and what public good it was intended to do whether one agreed with it or not.

Hmm... The site does not show a count of how many people signed... nor does it display their statements. I guess they want to be able to hide the numbers in case they don't compare with the pro WH one.
WHOOOT WHOOOT WHOOOT Conspiracy alert! Conspiracy alert! :lol:

Where’s the Mayor on this? Why hasn’t he commented? Why hasn’t the city stepped in to ensure fairness? Where is the oversight?? :wink:

(sorry to use your post as the example BigPOlish - just trying to make a hyperbolic point)

To be fair, give it a chance first, and maybe this thread should be restricted to the topic in the title and we can discuss WH and other sites elsewhere as we have been doing.

Just a suggestion.

The Torornto skyline! That’s what TSN will be showing every game.

:thup: :thup: :thup: X 100

If Mr.Young is certain that the EM site is the best choice then let him and his cronies at Osmington pay for it. If it's such a sure fire success they can make the money back no problem! Hell I don't even mind if the city lends them some of the money.

Then again if Osmington shows the same conceptual brilliance as they did with the New Center Mall disaster we might as well bury the team now and save ourselves the gas money.

Agreed, Jim.

You have to remember that that site appears to have launched only recently, and that could be a reason no comments or anything like that from those on favour of the EM site are there yet.

It does look like it is something that the organization is putting up to counter any pro-WH and anti-EM stuff there is on the web. Something I found interesting was this PDF file on information on similar recently-built stadiums and their locations, perhaps done in response to the "building a stadium nowhere near downtown is a thing of the past" argument: http://www.goeastmountain.com/wp-conten ... cation.pdf

Also interesting is what appears to be a scanned copy of a printed web page from 2003, which is a John Kernaghan article against the WH location: http://www.goeastmountain.com/wp-conten ... m-Site.pdf

We may some comments from supporters of the EM location there soon. But I wonder how many will accuse the organization of astroturfing if pro-EM comments appear there or if other pro-EM sites appear. :slight_smile:

Earlier I went to the East Mtn Site, couldn't find anything to sign, all I saw was acres of Wheat!

Matelot, I must have missed you, I was there all afternoon flattening out the wheat to spell out, "Go Tiger-Cats". That way anyone flying in to the Airport will get the message from 1,500 feet. LOL, crop circle me that. :roll:

Yes, interesting indeed. I wonder what's changed in the past 7 years for him to alter his postiion.

Could it be the transformation of the waterfront?

I'l have to send him an email.

I went to the site to see if there was a NO button, ofcourse not. Because then the truth might show. They post survey results where the questions were vague at best. They purposefully ignore the wants and needs of their fanbase in pursuit of the all-mighty buck, but is it any surprise?

The top issue is parking ofcourse, that's what all the argument is about. Bob young doesn't care about the look of the surroundings, all he cares is that the WH area is built up and accessible, and that does not bode well for revenue.

Let's look at the trend here.... Redhill site - far from dense residential, far from public transit. EM site - far from dense residential, far from public transit.

Yes, on the survey people picked parking as something they'd like to see improved, but it's just one word, "Parking". Know why they picked parking? Because they had to pay Joe down the street $10 to park on his lawn, because IWS is using Scott Park for parking and charging $20. Not because they couldn't find parking. Everytime I drive to IWS I can find parking, the problem isn't finding it, it's paying MORE THAN THE TICKET PRICE FOR PARKING. And this is exactly what you guys are supporting. Not only are you supporting paying for parking, but you are supporting being FORCED to pay for parking.

LRT? Rail? ever been to the area where the proposed site is? There is no rail up there! No tracks in the area whatsoever! There is missing infrastructure that takes years to install. You know what is up there in that region of the city? Alot of brand new $3-500k homes that will provide plenty of protesters to stop noisy rail from being put there. Even if they manage to get rail laid down up there, do you honestly think GO will service it? We've had connected rail infrastructure for decades in Hamilton, even built a new station just for GO. Still we don't get daytime service, I think last I checked there were 2 commuter trains in the very early morning, and then maybe 2 at night. There won't be service to the EM site.

Currently people have options. There is one direct bus route, another 3 bus routes(minimum) within a few minute walk. And then there are the people who walk to the stadium, why? because they can. Bob young quite obviously hates that people have those options, because he is trying as hard as he can to remove them.

EM is better than RH, but still forces all attendees to pay for parking, which I cannot support. Trust me, if EM is built, attendance will go way down, and the team will eventually be shut down, or leave the city. Ticket prices are going to go up because it's a new venue, parking will not be $20, it will most definitely be higher because of supply and demand, you don't have a choice so they can charge you whatever they want. Get used to the most expensive city in the league. But don't get too used to it, because contrary to their BS 82% figure, most fans do not drive to the games.

Thanks MAW, you took the mystery out of crop circles, not much left to believe in now. :frowning: