Godfrey wants NFL regular season game at RC next year

Article below in the Toronto Star that Godfrey is pushing the NFL buttons to bring a regular season game there next year at the Rogers Centre. I personally don't think Toronto has a chance with a new Wembley stadium in London to be ready by that time and them wanting to bring a game there but maybe if the Wembley stadium gets delayed, I don't know. Interesting, when I searched Google news about this, all the articles from abroad didn't mention anything about Toronto in the running, only London.

Article at:

[url=http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=thestar/Layout/Article_Type1&call_pageid=971358637177&c=Article&cid=1127771420155&DPL=IvsNDS%2f7ChAX&tacodalogin=yes]http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/Conten ... alogin=yes[/url]

Why doesn't Godfrey appreciate the football his got at the RC right now?



He doesn't appreciate what he has got now for one reason, as far as I can tell - he is a moron. That sums it up for me.

That guys annoying... BUT I blame the ARGO fans and the city of Tdot for putting up for that crap...

IF you want to shut him up - do it.

Clearly there's interest in the city for his plans...

What is with this nw stadium in London, i the NFL planing to play there? or force the Argos too?, which would be a total insuit to this great league! :twisted:


What can we do? SHOOT HIM?

He is an idiot who is dreaming…ALL of the NFL pre season games have bombed in TORONTO and VAN…The NFL remembers that…that is why they haven’t come back here. :roll:

Hang on Hellothere you gave me an idea (scary thought) since Toronto and Vancouver gave away freebies before, how about a Subway offer?

Here’s my marketing idea…

" Buy a Subway Godfrey er I mean TURKEY sandwich and get an NFL ticket."

Actually, I'm guessing that Toronto is similar to Vancouver...a Hockey town. What do you think Toronto fans? Would they get 20,000 to 25,000 paid and anything else would be coroporate giveaways like before?

Well.........let me ask YOU a question . How much would a regular season NFL game cost in Canadian dollars? NOT the 30$ CANADIAN that they charge for those EX games in TORONTO.

This is a complete pipe dream by PAUL.AGAIN!

He has a 15 year contract with the ARGOS , at the R.C.

He still thinks that it is 1989...........

The NFL T.V. ratings , in ONTARIO , have sucked for years.

The NFL is SMART and keep track of these kinds of things.

WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE?....WEMBLY STADIUM that seats over 100,000 people [can have lower ticket prices] or the R.C. that seats 54,000 for football.The tickets would have to be 150$ to 200$ , each, just to break even.And there are no plans to come to TORONTO in the near future for the NFL.So why bother with TORONTO.

Even to the NFL PAUL must looks like a NUT when he has a contract with a CANADIAN FOOTBALL team , that plays there. :roll: :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol: I LOVE IT :wink:

Well, this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone within earshot of Paul Godfrey that he'd be all over a neutral site NFL game like Walby on a baked ham. When the Saints were homeless after hurricane Katrina, there was rampant speculation over where they were going to play (Baton Rouge, San Antonio) and sure enough, PG made sure that, at least in the Canadian media, that Toronto was thrown in as a possibility.

Let the man hem and haw all he wants. It ain't gonna happen. The NFL has all but flat out said that they are not coming to Toronto under any circumstances. No need for any of us to get all up in a roar over that possibility...quite simply...won't happen.

I’m sure the Argos arrangement with R.C has absolutey no preclusion to an NFL game being played there as well, but all of the other arguments (especially history) are pretty solid reasoning as to why the NFL will not show up in Hogtown anytime soon.

I am just curius who this Godfrey guy is. what does he do. I am assuming he is probably pretty rich. But other then that why would anyone listen to him. I could say that I want to bring an NHL team to Saskatoon, but nobody would listen, and I think I have a better chance of succeding then Godfrey

Ah man, the Center of the Universe wants an NFL game now ...lol....

They've been dreaming for an NFL team since the 80's...c'mon now....

Stop dreaming...even Tagliabue wanats to mve South of the border before coming up North ! Will the Star & Godfrey stop dreaming with their Pink glasses on !

The Problem With That, As Kucha Put It, BAKA, Is That As Long As He’s Shooting Of His Mouth It Doesn’t Matter That Nothing He Says Will Ever Come True, It’s Taking Attention Away From The Interesting Football. Toronto Sports Media Would Much Rather Cover The Boring Football, Which Decreases Intrest In The CFL.

Today I Was At School Wearing My Argo Jersey And A Friend Of Mine Who Came To This Country 3 Or 4 Years Ago From Russian Came Up To Me And Said “You Big Fan Argos?” He Told Me How He Had Gone To His First Football Game On The 12th Of August. He Said That He Had Never Seen A Football Game Before And His Boss (Who Actually Got Him The Tickets) Had To Explain It To Him The Entire Time He Was There.

Vancouver And Toronto Are Cities That Have At Least Half Their Populations Are Either Imagrints Or Direct Desendants Of Imagrints. This Means That Most The Resisdents Have Never Seen A Football Game Before. Most Of Them Know A Fair Bit About Hockey Since They Grewup On It. But As Sportsmen Knows It’s Hard To Teach An Old Dog New Tricks And To Get These People To Start Fallowing Football Is Near Impossible. It’d Be Like Us (Other Than Kanga) To Start Fallowing Cricket. My Point Is That There Is Not The Same Kinda Intrest For Football, Both CFL And nFL, And We’ll Never Have To Worry About That League Penitrating Through Our Boarder On Anything Other Then The Television Waves.

That was way in the past , which PAUL is still living in. I have not been dreaming of that. If you look at how the NFL games bombed here at 30 dollars Canadian AND COMPARE the T.V. ratings between the NFL and the CFL, in ONTARIO…THE CFL WINS by 3 times a game. :smiley:

The NFL is not the most suc. sports league in N.A. by being stupid.They don’t like being embar. and that is why they haven’t come back here again.

The game in VAN. bombed as well. :shock: :smiley:

Excellent points…but the soccer crowds here , are huge for BIG internation games and it is that way for , KRICKET , as well.


I dont agree.
I am first generation Canadain and I have many friens who are as well and we all know football

40% OF ALL imagrants that have come to TORONTO , MOST , IN THE LAST 20 YEARS . THEY DIDN’T GROW UP WITH FOOTBALL and most only knew of the NFL.[not yelling , my computer is sick]

That’s IS why THEY are your friends…you ALL enjoy the CFL. :smiley: