Godfrey on Crack?

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It was 16 years ago that Paul Godfrey was getting serious about the business of luring an NFL team to Toronto.

On the advice of the late Don Weiss, his first strong contact with the league, Godfrey was introduced to an up- and-comer in the league's legal department.

What began as a cordial business relationship evolved into a friendship, one that the Blue Jays president has nurtured over the years.

Yesterday in a ballroom at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Godfrey was there to see his friend in action.

"In 1991, I tied my wagon to this star and his name was Roger Goodell," Godfrey said after watching the NFL's first-year commissioner in his state of the union address.

"I'm really proud of how far he has come."

Proud is only part of it. If there was ever an impetus to some day get an NFL team to Toronto, this is it.

As the NFL's chief executive almost always is in this press conference, he was again asked whether the league has any intention of expanding to Toronto.

As is always the answer, Goodell's essentially was: "Not now."

Godfrey can take more comfort in Goodell's version than Paul Tagliabue's, however, as he is convinced more than ever, that the league eventually will come north.

"I've always said it is (inevitable)," Godfrey said. "(Yesterday) was not the venue for (Goodell) to say it. You cannot divert attention away from the Super Bowl.

"But if you are going to go international -- and this commissioner is clearly thinking that way -- Toronto would be the No. 1 city for obvious success. Other leagues have tried and proven that."

Goodell did reveal yesterday that next year's regular-season game in London, England, will feature the Miami Dolphins and the New York Giants. It's a good bet that at next year's Super Bowl in Arizona, he will be announcing the teams for a game in Toronto in 2008.

But the big prize lies beyond that. Whether it is -- five, 10 or 15 years down the road -- Godfrey remains determined to make sure it will happen.

"I think ultimately Toronto has played its role quite properly," Godfrey said. "We've campaigned over the years for a Major League Baseball team, a major-league basketball team and a major-league football team. This is the only one that has not been filled."

Part of the reason was Tagliabue's reluctance to walk on the sacred gridiron of the Canadian Football League. There is already a sense that Goodell doesn't see it quite that way, however. He doesn't see it as being in the NFL's mandate to make sure the Canadian league survives in spite of itself.

[b]Goodell did the courteous thing and met with some CFL representatives this past month and the word is it wasn't all backslaps and best wishes. The tone, we hear, had some frostiness to it.

Imagine, after all, what Goodell must think about a pro league that doesn't have a commissioner of its own and apparently is in no urgency to find one. [/b]His words yesterday were carefully chosen and purposefully vague, just as they were about improved drug testing, affirmative action hiring and other hot-button issues.

"Toronto is a great city and I'm sure it would be a great host for an NFL team, but that's for another day," he said.

Forgive Godfrey for smiling at that. He has met the commissioner numerous times over the past decade and a half, both formerly and socially.

They've lunched in Toronto and New York and shared their view on the value of a new world order for the NFL.

"I wouldn't get into detail of any conversations I've had with (Goodell) even prior to his becoming commissioner," Godfrey said.

"But I'm a pit bull when it comes to chasing sports franchises for the city I grew up in and love, and I will continue to be that pit bull."

Godfrey seems addicted to the NFL like a crackhead loves the white powder.

godfrey needs to wake-up:

-the NFL wants a couple more teams in california b4 they move out of the US.

-rogers ( or anyone else in toronto ) isn't willing to pony up the money for a new NFL team.

-the government isn't going to help fund a new NFL sized stadium.

-the government of canada doesnt want an NFL team here.

-godfrey doesnt have the money himself to put a team in toronto, so he should just shut-up....he's like a begger askin for rich peoples spare change to buy a team he can't afford himself.

without money, a stadium and the governments blessing, this won't get done....go away godfrey!

Didn't we say a few days ago how this would occur.
It's the old when a story is not a story and printed by the Toronto Sun. Even though this Rob Longley now a beat writer for the Argos since Perry Lefko left and joined the CFL, he is also very messed up. He like Godfrey have been banging the NFL drums for years.

Clearly P.G is all about himself, Putting down the CFl, by not considering it good enouph for "HIS" city, The truth is, if the sports fans of tornto backed the team they have it would be just as" MAJOR" as the bill,s- its akin to courting his nieghbors car (?), while letting his own Classic rust away! imho Pathetic

Ah, yes, my personal favorite jack*** is at it again. When reading that article, three possibilities come to mind:

  1. Goodell is just giving his friend the crackhead some lip-service to make him feel good
  2. Goodell is serious, and therefore jst as insane as Godfrey
  3. (the most likely) Goodell is sick and tired of Godfrey and has tossed him a bone to go and chew on to get the annoying little freak out of his hair for a while.

Um Guys,

Hate to tell you but Godfrey is right.

The Aliens that Kidnapped me on Friday took me into their Time Machine.

It was 2079 where they dropped me off, Both Toronto and Vancouver will be meeting in the Super Bowl being held in Hawaii this year. Saskatchewan ended their 100 year drought and won the Grey Cup at the Gordie Howe Bowl in Saskatoon. George Bush VII is still looking for Bin Ladens Grandson.

One last thing, the numbers for Lotto 649 next Wednesday are:

7 15 27 28 35 48

If anyone need to know anything else....PM me!

Drummer 4 Commish

Godfrey .... sink him in the Rudder's hot tub

Sportsmen: Did you sit with Godfrey?

Nobody grates my nerves in this country more than Paul Godfrey.

This guy has effed up everything he's been involved in, yet he always comes out smelling like a rose.

And really. His rear end kissing of the NFL is totally embarassing to me as a CAnadian. All this talk about "major league" sports really means "American" sports. Thats what he really wants.

Because this guy is in love with the Americans. In fact to show how stupid this guy is, he chastised the Chretien government for not getting us involved in the Iraq war. He's a complete idiot.

And whats even worse, the guy who wrote this article, Rob Longley, is the Sun's CFL writer? With friends like that, who needs enemies, eh?

It seems he gets lots of press for being a clown. That is the problem down in Toronto is the press. PG wants to be in the papers flogging a dead horse. And the people of Toronto lap it up. There is no coverage that I can see happening anywhere else. So his media buddies help him look like a pin head. He has no money to do anything so let him spout off all he wants. Ted Rogers already told him he would not throw a billion dollars out the window. Anyone smart enough to have a billion dollars already knows and agrees with most people PG is clown. Other then Ronald MCDonald what clown would you do business with. Let it go he is the mouse that roars.

Just why was the Commissioner of the NFL in Canada on Super Bowl weekend (McCains, the Biggest Game of the Year!) and issuing statements, "Toronto is a great city and I'm sure it would be a great host for an NFL team...?"

Unless Godfrey paid him an apperance fee, Good-sell should just stay in his own country and try to fix some of the problems in his league, most of which they conveniently sweep under the carpet, rather than coming up here and undermining the CFL with his vague expansion talk.

As far as I am concerned, they can take their NFL and International NCAA Bowls back to Yankee-land where they belong, and where they will probably be better supported... than trying to stuff American football down the throats of Canadian's.

I know this is sacreligious on such a holy day as SB Sunday, but this creeping emersion of American culture into Canada is frightening to me, and may doom the end of Canadian football, and perhaps Canada as a whole...now really, wouldn't Ontario be better off as the 51st state? No more border hassels and free access to the lower 48?? Getting paid in U.S. dollars? Is Canada worth fighting for?? :frowning:

Invader for years I have seen this transformation and yes you are correct how Southern Ontario and specifically Toronto as the "world class city" and self percieved "Center of the Universe" is a wannabee.

Well I am for one see Toronto as the beggar from the eat sorry if I offend some people here. But truely the begging for an NFL team is no different then the guy cleaning windows of cars on the street hoping to get paid. The NFL is probably coming to town only to stroke the egos of tire kickers. How long before the JAYs are out of Canada, How long before the Rapters are gone. The NFL in Canada would not last long. To many people of been exposed to a better and more exciting brand of football. The few that would go will get bored once they get their toy. And it would be thrown to the way side. Remember to this has been going on since the early 70's and guess what the NFL is still not in Toronto. Sure it may happen big deal.
If it does it will only be for a visit. For those who want NFL take a drive to Buffalo the Bills could use your support.

soon, i hope!

I think anyone wanting to undermine the integrity of the CFL should be strung up and flogged..This vulture called Paul Godfrey would quickly look for another victim if the CFL would quit cutting it's own throat...IE:Stop this USA expansion talk crap. Besides Ottawa and Quebec i think a Eastcoast Team would be huge for the league and secondly we need POSITIVE marketing, right now it's very bush league and i for one feel less bush is better...hehe....GO RIDERS

No, just the Aliens Mork and Mindy! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm sure they were better company than Godfrey would have been!!

Come to think of it, didn't I see Sporty in that "Alien Line-up" during that Simpsons episode where Mulder and Scully pay Homer a visit? :lol:

Godfrey pays writers off I'm sure without a doubt ie. a suite at Blue Jays games, free food etc. to write what Godfrey wants, they all pay hommage to their savior Paul Godfrey in Beantown, they can't live without him. :lol:

Good theory, Earl And probably not a dime comes out of Godfrey's pocket. We all know how free-spending Numbnuts is with other people's money.

argo, the thing I can’t figure out is that if he did go around saying some stuff like he wants to increase the profile of the Argos at the Rogers Centre and help the CFL to grow, I’d actually want to go to the Rogers Centre and take in some Jays’ games and that, help support the Jays. But now I want to do the opposite and alienate myself from them and this is what I do. I don’t get it, you’d think that Godfrey would be smart enough to go after my business and other people who think like me and their business. I guess he just doesn’t care or think that way, no idea.