I currently live and grew up in a small town in south western B.C. call “Trail”. I grew up loving the B.C. Lions. My dad loved them even more than me. In those days in the sixties, we only got one game a year on television, so in order to listen to the game we had to drive up a near by mountain called the water tower hill inorder to get the reception. In those days, the radio announcers were so exciting to listen to. Sitting in our car, we cherished every moment of each telecast. The radio announcer before every play said"the lines are down, the lines are down". My dad would get mad and say “I wish he wouldn’t say that, the lions are the down”. He got mixed up, but it was understandable because in those days, the lions were down almost every game. We always were mad coming down that watertower hill every night because the lions always blew the game somehow. Did it stop us from going back up that hill again for the next game. No it didn’t. It made us even more excited for a possible win. I remember one game in particular where we thought for sure we were going to win. There was only 40 seconds in the game and you quessed it. The lions were down once again. But on the last play of the game, there was a long bomb to Sonny Homer who was in the clear. He caught the ball and just had to run another 20 yards to the endzone with 30 seconds on the clock. He had plenty of time to make it to the endzone. The announcer was more excited than we were. He said" it’s Sonny Homer, he’s at the 15, the ten, the five, he hits the goal post and knocks himself out and the game is over. The Lions lose again. No matter what, it seemed we couldn’t win. Until the next game when the Lions beat the best team in Canada. The Toronto Argonauts in Toronto. To us, that was unreal. So instead of criticising Wally Buono and the 2009 BC Lions just be happy we have the lions and have fun watching play and trying to win. What Buono has brought to the BC lions is unmatchable in any football era. Take it from me. Take care!

good to hear from long time fans.

Along the same lines I remember actually getting to go to a few games a kid at Empire Stadium with my Dad and brothers. I remember the crowd, the excitement, the popcorn, and all the orange. The one thing I do not remember is the scores of those games.

Great Post !
Growing up in Edmonton and not having any money as a kid we would always walk around the Clarke Stadium with our portable radios listening to the games and trying to find away of sneaking in to see the game sometimes we were lucky enough to find an unattended gate or someone would bring a big ladder to climb over the big green fence .
It's funny how the little things in life are the one that you remember the most. Yaa CFL :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

What a wonderful story! I can just visualize you and your Dad up the hill.
I too grew up at the feet of a rabid Lions fan, in fact our family has had seasons tickets every year since 1954; my husband and I are carrying on teh tradition and have the joy of seeing a son and daughter follow in their grandfather's footsteps.
With the recent happeings of our team, falling to the bottom of the league, is is upsetting to say the least. But we will always be there to support them, no matter what. Now is when they need to see that the province is behind them, they need to see the stands as full as when they were winning. No doubt it will not be so but those fans like the original poster, and my family, will be there.