God bless everyone

May God give us a great football year.
May everyone enjoy the great sport.
God bless you all!!.
Go riders Go!!!!!!

Did someone just change the natural laws of the universe or did Saskargo get censored again. I've been out of the loop for a while but I am sure it has not been long enough for Saskargo to become a rider fan.

Welcome back riderfinatic.
This site wasn't the same without you.
Ho about us getting Joseph.
God bless for trades.
Go rider go!!!

Hmmm, saskargo being nice to Rider fans? Something's not right, unless....

How much did s/he weigh?

Mongo just helping out some old pals fron Saskatchewan.
Greates peiople on earth.
I still love my our Argos mongo.
God bless all rider fans.
God bless you all!!!

she must have been censored. Don't screw with my mind SA. There must be a balance between good and evil and right now you are upsetting that balance.

Ahhh ok. Just the last time I remember you being so mellow was when you learned you were gonna be bringing a mini-saskargo into the world. I just couldn't remember if you had the baby already or if you just recently had it.

No this is how the mods want thid forum.No bad mouthing.No bashing anyones team.
Just talk football.I'm willing to try.
God bless you!!!

she must have been censored. Don’t screw with my mind SA. There must be a balance between good and evil and right now you are upsetting that balance.

"No bashing anyones team"?!? Pardon my French, but wtf has this world of political correctness come to? First they adopt a zero-tolerance policy on the Red Mile, and now this?

If you can't needle anyone for their choice of team, then the whole concept of rivalries is lost. I mean, sure the whole Argos/Riders thing is a little overboard, but the whole concept of regional team disputes is what makes this league so great: Stamps/Esks, Ti-Cats/Argos, and who can ever forget the Banjo Bowl inspired Riders/Bombers.

Training camps may still be a couple weeks or so away, but if you strip away all the good natured ribbing entirely even before the first kickoff, then we become about as devoid and uninsipiring like that total joke of a league south of the 49th.

No name calling either.
It is O.K. God is watching.He knows what is going on.
I love you Riders!!!!!
God bless you all!!!

You can tear into any team you want. You can say any player sucks (it’ll probably go farther though if you give a reason why they suck). Just aviod personally insulting your fellow posters or stereotyping a group of posters or making false accusations against your fellow posters and everything will be great. Basically just follow the forum guidelines.

Riders riule!!!
God bless you roughy.
How about that trade for Joseph.He is going to be great!!!!
God bless you all!!!

jesus she sounds like Tiny Tim......

who are you kidding

Riders blow

there is something in the water in Alberta methinks, I'd recommend that EE and Calgary and other fans there drink bottled water until they find out the problem.

The water is fine.It should be holy water though.
Go bless you Kanga!!!!

why thank you Saskargo

BTW, I'm curious, did you join a nunnery recently?

a nunnery? If i remember correct isnt a nunnery a slang term for whorehouse???

your not a catholic are ya? Sambo?