Goat of the Game

....i guess yeah ..duh....my vote for goat goes to one of the announcers...get rid of that dolt..i believe the telecast is part of the game is it not... :o

I have never considered it part of the game. Part of the event maybe…

part of the event …is part of the game the game being the event…comprehende…don’t mince words…

If it doesntcant have any effect on the score, then its not part of the games…comprehende… :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Obviously Ricky Williams. Even if no one is helping him out, if you can't see or make it through any holes in the defence, then don't start running backwards! I can't stand it how many times Ricky Williams runs for negative yardage, you're not that fast, linebackers in the CFL are almost as fast as him. The only good skills I've seen from him are his explosiveness(but it doesn't help if you run east-west all the time!), stiff arm and hurdling players.

I honestly believe that Williams could be seriously hurting the Toronto running game. Give the Ball to Jeff Johnson some more, he at least has the smarts to understand the CFL game, and succeed at it. How many more chances will Williams get?

I dont know about I can analyze, but I can definately live with it :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

I can also edit and fix your quoting errors too :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: :lol:

Williams has been good in every other game, so I wouldn't bail on him yet.. remember Winnipeg did the same thing to Troy Davis (not quite as bad, but still) and will probably do it a few more times before this year is over. If you had to pick one person though, I'd go with Williams too.

In the Stamps/Riders game, the goat would be the fans. They print a whole bunch of "Burris sucks" shirts, show up almost 24000 strong and boo him like crazy, and look how he responds. You would figure they would have learned. But no. He feeds off a negative crowd, that's why we had the best road record last year.

Well Ricky also did squat in week 2.

yes you can…and i hope you do a better job editing…than Peterson does in the broadcasts…you certainly don’t want to be nominated as the ‘goat’ :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :o…oh no…that’s right …you weren’t part of the actual game …my mistake… :rockin:

grey cup is on CBC, so that would mean highest viewing audience ever for a grey cup game lol…i think the goat is paulescu…he is horrible, just let westwood do the punting already…its obvious that an american cant cut it (not like westwood can punt) but give the CANADIAN a shot over the american and open up a roster spot

on a different note…i hope clifford ivory gets suspended!..i know im not the only one that saw him talk out thurmons knees from the side when the ref was rite there…i saw it the first time, but it may have happened the next play when stegall got the penalty…ivory is a sorry ass player, and should get at least a game for that, and a fine