Goat of the Game

Rickey williams got my vote

The Toronto OLine and Wynn gets mine....they gave Willams no help, and Wynn made some poor throws....

Not Ricky Williams. He got no help. Wynn is the goat for that third down pass to Keith Stokes in the dying minutes.

Sam Paulescu the punter for winnipeg. Awful!

12 yard punt at a crucial time…But in his defence, he did nail a boomer with his next kick

although Wynn did miss a key throw, his overall game was as good as Glenns and very respectable. As I said in another thread, he did not lose the game. He just failed to WIN it inspite of the poor pathetic rushing and other thing not his doing.


Argo O-line--Awful. Wynn's getting better as he gets some experience.

Malveaux has to take a little heat for getting laid out by a Ricky Williams stiff arm.

lol…he was the guy afterall that took him down in the backfield after that 20 yard loss or whatever it was

so is Wynn alive?

:lol: GREAT hit from canada..looked like it snapped wynn in half..but i think he just got the wind knocked out of him...its happened to me in hockey when jerks check you from behind headfirst into the boards, and ur kneck and back bend the wrong way..he walked off the firld after the game

That was a great hit...tommy is one of my favorite players. I LOVE this Dline. Averaging now about 30 yards against for rushing - that is impressive!

Here is an interesting thought!!

Call the O-Line the goat if you really want to, but....a running back is paid to EITHER get through the holes his line makes, or, if there are none then FIND them himself! I think this is a true testament to the differences between the nfl and CFL. In the nfl Williams had 1000+ yard seasons for what? three...four years? (I'm not really sure) But the point is this....he did what he wanted to against nfl defenders and yet he's having trouble playing Football in the Great White North!!

And...I don't want to hear any garbage about not being in game shape! You're either a player or you're not. If your not then GET OFF THE FIELD!

I just got back from the game and the attendance was announced at 26,500 and change. Unlike the Blue Jays who fib their actual seat in the stands number, this figure appears right on.
Not bad for a very busy weekend here in the self perceived Centre of the Universe.
As for the game, despite the numbers by Wynn, overall he was brutal. Again, the OC play calling was equally as bad as there was no rythym, no plan of attack. A helter skelter and not only is the offense out of sync the defense is not much better.

I’m gonna say Ricky just because he was the big NFL star who was supposed to make it big in our small little league but he’s been stuffed at every turn.

It is a long season and a half back is only as good as his O-LINE.

Also the CFL is tougher to play in than most people think. :wink:

...Lief Peterson calling the game ...what a joke this guy is....quote... after a crucial play by the Bombers .."if only the Argos would get the foul calls they should have on the line'''...what the hell is that...as if the Argos don't hold on the line...i could count three.. :stuck_out_tongue: the refs. didn't call....what a bozo...if you want an announcer worse than Walby.....well my friends i give you Lief 'the terrible'
Pederson....get lost Lief :stuck_out_tongue:

so, your vote for goat of the game would be Lief than??

I'm getting a vision from the future.
Walby follows Cuthbert to TSN, Cuthbert and Suitor then fall mysteriously ill in week 6 so Peterson and Walby do the rest of the CFL games on TSN. A record number of viewers watch the Grey Cup on mute.