Goal Line Stand

Congratulations Defence on not only a great game but a goal line stand.

Other than last year's season opener when our play calling was suspect, I can't think of many other 1st and goal that didn't result in a major.

In the CFL This not happen very often AMAZING EFFORT by OUR D :thup:

TSN turning point.. that's all I can say. .absolute fantastic job by the D on that drive!!

Definitely the turning point of the game.

I was listening to the game while riding on the 401 at the time this was going on. I was so loud after each of those plays, I think the people in the car next to us heard me. My poor wife, who was driving at the time, is now deaf.

I could barely hear the CHML guys for all the noise that the crowd was making during that sequence.

Great effort by the defence and an amazing game. Loved every second of it. I didn't even miss the Argos!!!!!!!

Great effort by our Defense. Congratulations boys.

This was definitely the game's turning point.

I had already conceded (in my own mind) the TD on first and goal from the 2. :oops:

Don’t worry, I slapped myself silly after the (STUPID) slow developing play Trestman called on 3rd down. Ah, although not a masochist, I must say I now understand them better. :wink:

As mentioned earlier, with 3 cracks from the 2 and the D having to give a yard, this was an amazing play by this most amazing D. I hope (and pray) that it is a sign of good things to come.


That was a pleasure to watch.

Not for Als fan!


Ive been watching the CFL for 30 plus years and I can not recall a 3 play goal line stand from the 1 yd line, It seems almost impossible considering the yard off the ball rule for the D line. AMAZING play by the Ticats D line and shows we have Grrrreat Coaching !!!

Living south of the border (Atlanta, GA), I've only been watching the CFL casually off and on when I get the chance for twenty or so years, but I saw that stand yesterday and went nuts for the Ti-Cats! I told my wife that there was NO WAY that kind of thing happens often. That's a great sign of a defense that plays every down separately and like it's another chance to change the game. That's how defense is supposed to be played! That kind of aggressive attitude will serve the team VERY well down the stretch.

If the Cats can get some consistent play from the O-line and Avon (as they did yesterday), they could be VERY dangerous.

Awesome pic GeoffW!!!


I know the 3rd down attempt was a blatant fail, but what do you all think of the 1st and 2nd down attempts? The reason I ask is because I’ve heard some rumbling from Als supporters who think the ball might have reached the goal line and that a video replay should have been checked. Trestman never challenged so too bad for him but how close were they actually to getting in?

They did look to be very close on the first two attempts. But none of the Als players seemed to be disputing the ruling on the field that they didn't put it in the end zone on the first two attempts.

And I thought supporters of the Als would have said they would have had the TD if they didn't drop back to hand it off. But Kyle Jones, whose name doesn't come up very much, deserves credit for making that tackle.

apparently the alouettes have been complaining that their spotters in the booth weren't provided with any replays in the booth...I don't think it would of mattered though...

IIRC that keeper by MacPherson was 2nd down, and the pile of bodies in front of him looks like a wall that has the goal line well protected.