Goal Line Offense

Why in the CFL when we have a 65 yard wide field with no less than 21 yards of space to operate beyond the line of scrimmage do we scrunch 24 guys into a little 5 x 2 yard space to squeeze the ball across the goal line?

If the QB sneak is suspect... SPREAD THE DEFENCE OUT and increase your options in securing 3 feet of territory for the score...

Hitch screen, QB draw, pump and draw, straight out dive, hit a receiver in the flats, QB option...

Statistically speaking the average offensive play in the CFL is what? 6 or 7 yards? I'm no expert but the functional reason for executing an obvious QB sneak or obvious short yardage run over and over when you have 3 downs from the 1 aren't apparent to me.

With the space available... why don't teams line up the standard shotgun, 5 wide, 1 back set, spread the defence as much as possible and pick up an easy 3 feet? At least change it up... we ran a sneak and an obvious straight up tailback dive on 1st and 2nd down then settled for a FG..

Made the right call. Cobb fumbles. He doesnt fumble its a touchdown. Simple. Symbolic of the whole night. Individual breakdowns.

First down on the one....hands up those who expected Tafralis to come in and sneak the ball?
Hands up Alouettes players and coaches who suspected the same.....

I agree....keep Glenn in...spread the defense ....fewer bodies in the bunch....if you spread, the defense spreads....they have to...

If you can't block,ya' can't make a yard....

welcome to 2008...

I'm just waiting for some of Marwan's wonderful long snaps to rear their ugly head...

That was first down. Second down Cobb got the blocking , play works but he fumbles. Took a TD off the board. Only one person's fault there and he's not wearing a headset.

But....a little imagination, and maybe first down would have been a td...

Why complicate it on first down ? Tafralis was succesfull on all one yard plunges to that point . Needed some more replays of that play anyway. I thought he crossed line.

Lord knows I'm not a Gibson fan but you have to be able to execute short-yardage sneaks, even when the other team knows they're coming. Cobb has to secure the rock.

IMO QB sneaks on the 1 are overrated.Go out of the shotgun, all it takes is a WR being open for a couple seconds or screen to your back or run it in yourself after assessing the D.

I agree...it is always a full yard....and it is never a gimme....third and a full yard in the middle of the field rarely sees a sneak...less than a yard, yes...a full yard...no....

i think OBIE and Marcel need to sit down and figure out what is needed to get running game and how to punchy in the ball from the one

first of all we should never have let go of goodspeed it also showed we are not wnating to win enough chosing to save money
cobb is a one hit wonder and can get the odd brekout run but he is not reliable
the coaching is terrible
also we cant win with rookie fullbacks

i noticed beswick missed his man on the blocked kick and stall missed his guy on the 3rd down gamble
i also felt their safet waas killing our guys especially mcdaniel and our sefety juts looke liek atraffic op that is not aloud to hit
i think the refs get closer to their guys then he does and they hit as much sandy does

i think we need to bring some rb's in that are like cates, clairbourne, reynolds, reid ..i know troy davis would have been able to get in the from the 2 with any oline ..maybe time to call jessie ? i felt about the same about cobb last year
i like rottier but feel he may be better suited for guard and then have an american tackle like jiminez...i think hage is over rated. i am getting concerned too that glenn is not the guy to lead us to ther promise land..his arm is not stromng enough
and he cant run well

cobb won;t be here by labor day nor will drisan james
i hope barker comes in for beverridge
you saw the fear their safety put in our recievers
i was really annoyed too to see cox getting away with pushing stalla around .,.should hav ebeen a penalty
this monteal defence were crushing us...cox, the safety , ferri, etc...drisan was down for the count once and mcdaniel almost got mained ..i truly have never seen beverride scare anyone ...orh it anyone hard he plays like it is flag footAbLL

Lets face it...the head coach can't control his team so he has to be gone for sure now!!! Here's a news flash...this is not boring old NFL...1st & goal...let me think...no that doesn't work for this coaching staff...maybe,just maybe the defence knew you were going to try to run up the middle...try to get a brain...use some imagination...Well ,now that the coach will be gone and of course Cobb has already cleaned out his locker we can still save this year...play some Canadian football...mix things up..a little surprize now & then...so now all we need is a first string quarterback and a real kicker& a running back...if they paid anymore then minimum wage for DeAngelis they were either too drunk or just plain "STUPID"...why do you think Calgary was so happy to get rid of him...he is well past it...You could put a proper general manager on the hire list also....the team is no more than just a joke...I really feel sorry for the dozens of great players we have...coaching has made a fool out of us!!!!

They weren't. The reports at the time were that Calgary actually offered Sandro more money than Hamilton did.

Pssst. Guess what? The current general manager is the reason those "dozens of great players" are here.

Its really simple, but we dont do it.
Spread the field!!
Keep glenn in the game, have him under centre, 5 wrs, that way the D can't fill the box, if they do we have a mismatch and take advantage of it through the air. Glenn can either QB sneak, hand it to cobb, etc. The box won't be overloaded if we did that b/c the D will have to match up with our WR's.

8) Pull out some old game tapes of Tom Clemments and even Joe Zuger, and watched what they did whenever
  we were on the one yard line !!   The QB rolled out to the wide side of the field, and had the option of either running

  it in himself, throwing it in, or pitching the ball to the back who was running in the same direction !!

  Pretty simple play, but it puts tremendous pressure on the Defence, and almost always resulted in a TD !!!

Anything is better than the predictability of our offence from the one yard line.

We have to be able cash these in every time.

If Cobb secures the football it's a TD not a fumble. Nothing wrong with that playcall.

It is an approach that every successful team has in its arsenal unless you have a pylon as your pivot. Then again, Danny Mac's naked bootlegs are a thing of lore.

Even Cavillo at the goal line moves the pocket enough to widen passing lanes between DBs and LB who have to honour containment.

The point is, we often have Cobb lining up next to Glenn, so the ball distribution aspects are limited as well as the ability to confuse the D with bootleg action. Unless your QB is a master ball faker a la McManus, that formation and play development is predictable and you will see runs blow up with any penetration in the backfield since misdirection is effectively out of the equation.

Oski Wee Wee,


Yep, I like your suggestions...but its way beyond this coaching staff.
Did you notice the 1/2-time adjustments Mtl. made ( they ARE the best in the league at it) ;did you notice ours ? NEITHER DID I !