Goal line interception at Super Bowl

Worst call in the history of football. Even worse than the 13th man penalty. If that happened in a Grey Cup game, people would be trashing, not just the coaches and QB, but the entire Canadian Football League.

I agree with you.

As I said in another thread...

You throw that pass and 1 of 4 things can happen:

  1. Touchdown;
  2. Ball tipped and you have no idea what will happen;
  3. The interception we saw;
  4. Incomplete and the clock stops.

3 of the 4 are bad. What was Seattle thinking? :roll:

I think the proper question is WERE they thinking??

As I said in the Other forum, maybe something personal with the coaches or a coach for the Seahawks, OC or Carroll, not wanting to see Lynch get the glory of the winning td. IF that is the case, that's putting a personal agenda ahead of the team and the coach involved should be fired. Or get rid of Lynch if he doesn't fit in. Just too weird on 2nd down with what a yard or less and not to give it to probably the most dominant short yardage back in the NFL. :? Agree Aqualung, if this happened in the CFL they would be calling the league rinky dink etc.

They were probably OVER thinking. "They know we're going to run up the gut so let's catch them off guard".

That said, it's easy to dump on them, but that throw gets made and it's suddenly a "gutsy" move. The same way that the TD pass just before halftime was "gutsy". If it had been picked off, in which case it becomes "stupid" and everyone would have called for them to have just taken the three.

I don't buy the over thinking theory CRF but will admit I had heard, think the TSN panel, mentioned this theory as well.

they had THREE DOWNS remaining (+1 timeout) with only a half yard to go.

there was NO REASON WHATSOEVER to attempt a gutsy trick/pass play. None.

That's fine, and I'm not defending it, because I would have run it too, especially on 2nd down.

Here's another thing that ESPN Stats pointed out on Twitter last night: In the last five "down and 1" situations in which Seattle ran Lynch, Lynch failed to reach the endzone on four of them.

So it's easy to say "if you'd have done this, this would be the result" when you don't actually know the result. I suspect that Carroll is well aware of that fact.

Well then get rid of Lynch, he's a "me me" player with a big mouth and my guess is not all that well liked on the team no matter what some players may say and while great, there's plenty of backs who are good enough. The NFL is mainly a passing game to win nowadays and all you really need is a decent back who can block and is a team player. I didn't know that stat about Lynch, interesting. Get rid of him.

Well I see there is talk about trading him. No surprise.

Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Marshawn Lynch Trade To Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns, 49ers Options Over Release After Super Bowl?

[url=http://www.sportsworldreport.com/articles/42578/20150128/seattle-seahawks-rumors-marshawn-lynch-trade-to-miami-dolphins-cleveland-browns-49ers-options-over-release-after-super-bowl.htm]http://www.sportsworldreport.com/articl ... r-bowl.htm[/url]

Earl - if you actually read that link it is based on mid-season rumours from months ago. Stories about recent negotiations trying to sign him again were all over the media yesterday.

[url=http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000466712/article/seahawks-offer-marshawn-lynch-huge-contract-extension]http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap300000 ... -extension[/url]
The Seattle Seahawks not only want Marshawn Lynch around next year, but they've made a significant commitment to keep him on their team, possibly, for the rest of his career.

On the heels of another dominant season for the running back nicknamed “Beast Mode,” multiple sources tell me Seattle has made Lynch an offer on a huge contract extension that would keep him in a Seahawks uniform for years to come.

The deal is believed to include more than $10 million for Lynch in the 2015 season alone. Lynch currently is slated to make $5 million in 2015, the final year of what originally was a four-year, $31 million deal.

The Seahawks believe that Lynch, who has rushed for at least 1,200 yards in each of the past four seasons, has outplayed his contract, sources say. They want to reward him for his work.

The new deal for Lynch has been a topic of discussion between Lynch’s agent Doug Hendrickson and the Seahawks for the last several weeks. He’s the heart-and-soul of their team, which they recognize, and they want him to retire a 'Hawk.

As for the call - I think CRFadmin nailed it - the Offensive Coordinator over thought it and made a decision he wouldn’t normally make at the most critical moment of the biggest game. Yes it was likely the wrong call - but just like the play with six seconds left in the first half - it was gutsy. The New England defender made a remarkable play to not only break up the play - but hold on to the ball for the INT.

A defender who was an undrafted rookie. I can see a certain degree of reasoning in going after that guy, especially with a down in hand.

My guideline is this: Would you consider it a stupid call REGARDLESS OF RESULT? If that touchdown gets completed, no one goes on about it the stupidest call in the history of the championship game and that Seattle "got away with one". I still wouldn't have done it, but the result magnifies the poor choice.

You know what I've always thought was a stupid call? The Saints onside kick to start the second half a few years ago, down by only four points. Yeah, it worked out, but if it hadn't and the Colts take over at midfield, Sean Payton would have gotten crucified for trying to be too cute. Instead he's "ballsy" and clever.

Definitly brutal... You're second and 10, in American rules and you need four points. You're in four down territory...

Gutsy? Is that a joke? No one on the TSN panel even remotely referred to it as gutsy. :roll: It was one of the biggest bonehead calls I've ever seen in football and that is what the panel thought as well. Travel, the article is from this year, 2015, and that is enough said. Doesn't change the fact the Seahawks don't want the guy around in all probability.

If it had worked they would be the smartest courage's people in the world. But at least they had a close game, something like we have most of the time with the GC.

Actually, only one and a half of those things are bad - the interception and the tipped ball, which could result in an interception. The incompletion wouldn't have been bad, as they'd still have the ball at the same place for another few attempts. Also, the odds of that type of pass being picked off are very low - only a great read and superb effort by the DB allowed that to happen. Note that when Wilson released the ball, there was no one near the receiver. A split second earlier, or a few inches to the right into the player's body, that was a completion.

Had the play been successful, people would probably be looking at it as a brilliant play, totally catching the Patriots off guard. If it had fallen incomplete, it might have had the Patriots' defence second guessing on the next play. Only the actual result, unlikely as it was, made people scratch their heads.

But yes, I probably would have called the safe play, running Lynch down their throats until he crossed the line - even knowing his stats on that play this year. But maybe that's why I'm not making millions coaching in the NFL.

Yeah...they make that play they're heroes...they miss it and they're goats.

The call was reasonable given the way the D lined up but they just didn't execute. In hindsight, the two running plays from the line probably would have been the better strategy but youse plays the games youse takes your chances, right?

The football gods decided that the Seahawks had had enough good breaks...simple as that.

Some priceless reactions to that play. (Note NSFW - not suitable for work). Including one from some guys apparently watching in French on RDS.

[url=http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2351073-patriots-seahawks-fans-react-to-malcom-butlers-game-sealing-int-in-super-bowl?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=programming-national]http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2351 ... g-national[/url]

The first half last second pass was risky, but they could have kicked the field goal even if incomplete as there was still 2 seconds left and a whole half to play if they came away without points. Super Bowl on the line, seconds left in the game, best RB and most mobile QB in the league and you throw into heavy traffic where anything can happen? Even if it was successful I wouldn’t consider him a genius for that call.

#2 leads to either 3 or 4, so there are really only three things; one good, one not positive but not lethal because the clock stops leaving two more chances and one horrible.

If they ran the ball they could have made yards (essentially a TD), not scored (no gain or lost yards) and have had to use their last timeout likely leaving them only one more play left, and the disaster of a fumble; the same 2 of 3.

Like the last play of the first half it was a bold, genius move if it works and an incredibly stupid move if it fails. The interception took a great play. It was a simple play, short pass and the odds were far higher that it would be a TD or an incompletion. A calculated gamble failed. The chances of the interception were likely higher than a fumble, but on one play, who ever knows.

And apparently it would not have been the assured touchdown most assume:

Lynch led the NFL with 17 touchdowns during the 2014 regular season, and he tied DeMarco Murray for the lead in rushing TDs (13) ... But here's an important and surprising statistic: Lynch scored on only one of five carries from the 1-yard line this season. His career totals are 14-for-31 in regular-season games (45%) and 1-for-4 in postseason games.