Goal line cameras

I was surprized that there was no goal line camera to see where Dressler was when the fumble occurred! Wonder if the CFL is going to ask TSN to install one on each goal line since all games are now televised?

I've actually been surprised by that a couple of times this year as well. I expected that would be one of the most important places to put one.

They usually only move the camera to the goal line when a team gets close to it, so on the 60+ yard passes there is rarely a goal line view.

I think fixed cameras on the goal lines would be a good idea.

Fortunately, in this case, the end zone replay clearly shows the ball is loose while Dressler's foot is between the two- and three-yard lines. Unless he's Paul Bunyan or Goliath, there's no way that ball crossed the plane before then.

well i know tsn has instated 1 goal post cameraq for friday night games. bt i think having the 2 would be good for different angles on replays as well.

I think tsn has only committed to the goal post camera for the friday night games. None of the other games have the automated cameras.

Correct Just Friday Games for now

...helmet cams for all players...

...now thats a great idea, R&W. I used to love watching those games where WLAF(I believe) used those.

If they are only going to add 1 camera. I vote for the cable cam

Shoe cams.

perv! :wink:

I like the cable cam as well.

Given the majority of the games are played within a three day time period and it isn't possible for TSN to have the same coverage for each game. I would like to see them split their coverage across the games, instead of blowing their wad just on the Friday night game.

Two games with goal post cams and two with the cable game.

Yeah, I was shocked when the ref actually signalled touchdown! Good thing there was a good view of it on the regular cams. Goal line cams would be a good thing though.