GO Train service affected for Saturday's game

In case you missed it - anyone taking the GO Train to BMO Field on Saturday should allow for some extra time.

As I understand it, you won't be able to get off at Exhibition on the train into Toronto (eastbound) because of repair work. You will need to go all the way to Union Station, then switch to a westbound train back towards Hamilton. From the westbound train, you can jump off at Exhibition.

This maneuver will set you back by at least 15-30 minutes. Plus you'll have to deal with the maze of tracks at Union Station. Hopefully Ticats fans can help each other out - identified by the secret uniform of black & gold outfits.

On the return trip, I believe you can jump on at Exhibition as always.

(Someone please let me know if I've gotten any of this wrong.)


Enough to change my plans from attending live. Now i will watch live from my local establishment instead :slight_smile:

Also the trains will only run on a one hour schedule at 1 minute after the hour. It looks like the 10:01 out of Aldershot would get you there on time . You could also take the Go Express bus out of the Hunter Station and transfer to the west bound train.

me too. was going to go. instead ill watch in 4k.

Wow - you guys really hate switching trains.

Change trains to wives and you’ll probably get everybody back on it! :stuck_out_tongue: :o

I think the Alouettes are planning a theme night based on this idea sometime soon.

I really like my big TV on my deck in 4k with my smoker.... Takes alot to get me to a road game.

I might be a little late.

you taking reservations crash?

You bring the beer…

just realized, ball playoffs tomorrow AM. Oct 19th game? lol

I’m not sure I want you to bring beer if there’s a CFL triple header…

Can Ken Peters come over, Crash? :stuck_out_tongue: ::slight_smile:

  1. Since we already bought tickets a couple of weeks ago, I guess we will just do the dreaded drive

to Toronto now !! :frowning:

At least that is better than going through all this crap that you would have to do now, by going
on the train ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

This will undoubtedly cut down the amount of TiCat fans attending the game now :frowning:

so whiskey then? lol


If you're travelling east and are stopping at Exhibition
· Riders of Lakeshore West, who are heading to Exhibition, will have to stop at Union first and then change trains.
· “Exhibition Only? trains at Union will then take passengers to Exhibition Station.
· Extra staff will be there to help customers safely transfer trains.
· Customers transferring trains should plan for at least 30 minutes of additional travel.