Go to Guy

I think Miles could be our go to guy.
He was wide open twice for sure tds, but Printers couldn't connect.
Maybe with Lumsden out, Printers will finally thow a TD pass. I hope.
It's not fair to compare him to Maas, but he hasn't thrown a TD pass yet. He's relied to much on Lumsden.

If will be Anymore it will be Scott Mitchel
Once he learns for few a more games.

He has THREE TD RUNS...and this OFFENSE relies on LUMSDEN, if you haven't noticed. We are a RUNNING team. Expecting Printers to put up gaudy numbers is way too much, when he won't be getting near the amount of passing snaps that every other QB will receive. Maybe he should have a TD pass right now, but you can't rely TOO MUCH on a player like LUMSDEN.

I would argue that if last week's game is any barometer, it's going to be Chris Bauman, if by definition the GTG is the player the QB will throw to whenever a critical passing play must be completed or the guy he has the most chemistry with. I don't necessarily consider a running back to fit that narrow definition. Lumsden, rather, is THE MEAL TICKET. LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Guess that I'm kinda puzzeled. How can a team be a "running team" in the CFL? I've always considered that the CFL is a wide open passing game much different than the NFL. Could it be that it's the wrong offensive for the league?

I think I know where you're coming from but I really don't think a couple of TDs through the air would be considered 'gaudy numbers'. Not a single passing TDs tells me something is amiss in the Cat's offense. It also helps to explain a 1-3 record. I'm not putting the blame solely on Printers--the blame can be shared with the linemen, the receivers and the coaches too.

As good as Lumsden is, I also think they can rely too much on him.

An Argo-Cat fan

Many of our TDs came from passing plays that got us inside the 10 yard line. Running plays took it the rest of the way. What's the point of passing for two or three yards when we can run it in more safely?