Go Tiger-Cats

This is just a reminder to let 'Cats fans know that we gotta represent wherever we go! :smiley:

I also had a tan name tag made that says "ARGOS SUCK"... I wonder if anyone will notice? LOL

My plan for this jersey is to get all my Tour friends to sign the jersey and then hang it in my Mancave when I get home.

The Cam Man and Daddy. Enjoying the park in our jerseys.

Good luck to you both great TiCat fans. :thup: :thup:

Pic’s like that make me proud to be a Ticat fan.Best of luck to you and the boy’s, we’ll keep your seat warm at IWS till you get back :slight_smile:

Good luck, Stay safe.

Love the pics!!! Stay safe Rusty!!!

Thanks guys.

I've met a lot of Ticats fans in my travels. The 'Cats will be well represented over there. I wonder if I can convert some local Afghanis to become fans!?!? LOL


    Great idea.....you will be a great rep for the Tiger-Cats.
    Look after yourself when you are over there.
    Best wishes.
   ( ex RHLI and RCAF)

Here is a picture of the nametag that I ordered for myself. I hope none of my superiors are Toronto fans! hahaha

Rusty, that is awsome, and I'm not even a TiCats fan.

You'll do TiCat fans proud, be safe brother.

Maybe you could get a mini grey cup going over there. I assume you are going to Kandahar?

Be safe please come home to cheer the Ticats

I just have to remember to put my real nametag back on when I go into work tomorrow morning! hahaha.

I'm going to save the ARGOS SUCK one for the days that the 'Cats play the Argos.

A major OSKI WEE WEE to you. Be safe and come back to IWS or whatever the replacement.

With a little luck you might find some arg...ah fans to walk in front of you.

Good luck and stay safe.

Great jersey by a great fan, good luck on your tour and stay safe.

Today is the day that I leave.

Got my jerseys sent, a fleece blanket and a couple t-shirts.

Gotta make sure that everyone there knows that the Tiger-Cats are the best!


side note

Because of this a friend of mine packed an Argo's hat. To atempt to disrupt the Ticat mojo... I think I'm going to have to bury the hat in the sand! hahaha