GO Ti-Cats!

Just to let you know that next week there will be 54 TiCat fans routing for you in the US!
The Lounge has agreed to show the game on four TVs and will advertise locally that the game will on.

Should be "rooting" hate these small phones and small key boards!

Would be nice if you could "expedite" a win. :smiley:

Maybe figure out the "logistics" for us?

Sweet. Climb aboard. Theres lots of room left on this wagon.

Manage the flow of the football from the line of scrimmage to and across the goal line. This can be accomplished utilizing ball handling, mode of transportation and ball carrier security.
Optimization of this model with normal complexity will result in common motivation and maximum product delivery.
Dedication of all members of the logistics team will result in more product deliveries than known competition.

Bottom line- the TiCats will win!

Way to go challenger99 and friends!!! You could ROOT for a ROUT -
of the Tweety Birds of course :smiley: :lol: