BIG BEN AND THE D LETS GO ! :thup: :rockin:

Go Vikings! Ok, so my NFL team isn't in this year, but you wait! :cry:

Go anybody but the Pats and Steelers :rockin:
Steelers = most annoying fan base on the planet, fake Tiger-Cats.That's reason enough to hate em :lol:

The Steelers rock, and if you squint, they look like the Cats.

1:45 seconds left and you can sit it out. That's why CFL rocks. Horrible ending to anotherwise decent game.

Pittsburgh is our sister city, they share our historic industry, they share our love for football and the Steelers share our colors. Send those Packers packing!


Do you have an official, non-Wikipedia reference stating that Pittsburgh is a sister city of Hamilton? I can't find anything on city of Hamilton websites.

Can't say I do, but is such a thing is not true we still share a LOT in common with them.

Our QB isn't a perv. and our fan base isn't one big mass of arrogance that refuses to accept the success of other teams.So i'm missing what we have in common :lol:

The two most common things the community share is dirty air and steel.

i'll give you that :cowboy:

Watch your step, pal. Those are my fellow Steeler fans you're talking about. :lol:

I don't think there is anything that officially names us as sister cities, but we are both steel cities, mostly working class.
Sorry but there are WAY more annoying fans than the Steeler fans and many of them are right here in the cfl.


Now I'm stuck :roll:

The Steelers and the Packers are my two faves and I can't decide who I want to win. Perhaps it's best to not choose and just sit back and enjoy the game.

It should be one for the ages. 8)

I do predict a record television audience worldwide.

The two biggest and most loyal fan bases in the NFL, both have legendary histories, both are really good teams.This is agonna be good :slight_smile:

I am Detroit Lions fan so I Can't Cheer for packers Ever

GO STEELERS they 2nd Fav Team

No they are not our sister city, we don't even come close!! They have re-invented themselves with a large hi-tech industry....................it's a great modern city with lots to do and a beautiful large international aiport.

They have 65,000 loyal fans that would brave Minus 20C weather to watch their team, Hamilton couldn't get 6,500 fans to IWS in weather approaching freezing!! Pittsburgh has a great community spirit - Hamilton doesn't

The colours are similar, theirs represents the original Steel industry black and gold..............our logo is a Bengal Tiger

And I've heard house prices there are very affordable compared with Hamilton.

Those 3 Ivor Wynne employees who were fired were I'm sure fans of the Pittsburg "Stealers".

How long did it take you to think that one up, Jack Benny? lol. Where's a rotten tomato when you need one?