Go Stamps!!!

Now I know I have been a bit hard on Henry Burris and the Stampeders lately, but you should really finish out the regular season being the undisputed best team in the CFL this year with a win next weekend. Wouldn't it be great to have a 13 and 5 record, and not have a 12 and 6 record like two or three other teams and be able to say "we are the best team in the regular season this year?". Stampeder fans you deserve that after how well your team has played this year. Go out and beat them Lions next weekend. Show them what you are made of.

Go Stampeders, and Go Riders.

LOL. Psychology.

I hope the Stamps lose to B.C. I hope the Argo's can eek out a win over the Riders. Thus handing the Lions home field advantage.

If the Stamps beat B.C that will be 4 wins a row. The odds then become stacked against you. In order for the Stamps to win the GC they will need another 2 wins totaling 6 straight wins. I'd rather reset the cycle now with a loss LOL, then we only need to win 2 straight. Much better odds.

Strange logic? perhaps, but there must be a loss due in there somewhere. Lets get it out of the way now :lol:

I like the Lions chances better if they play on the road in Regina so thats fine by me.

I'm pretty sure the Leos don't want to travel to Regina. Mosaic Stadium is loud in the regular season but in the playoffs you can't hear yourself think.

After the last time they played there you're telling me they aren't going to be fired up to play in Regina and kick the riders teeth in on their home field?

Now before anyone says I'm predicting a Lions win blah blah blah I'm not. The lions would be more fired up to go into Regina and beat them on there own field after what happened last time then playing them at home yet again in the playoffs. I don't think playing in B.C. Place they could muster the same emotion and drive.

I'm not making any predictions about the West for the rest of the year. Everything is too close to call. Anything can happen this year. Sask, Calgary, BC ... any one of those teams could be in the GC. Nothing is set in stone.

The only thing that seems to be a lock will be Montreal in the GC, but after that loss to Winnipeg, who knows?

odd, double post .. I only hit submit once.

I know BC would be fired up but I don't think it would be enough to cancel out homefield advantage. The Riders would be pretty fired up to have another home playoff game.

Well I keep hearing the stamps will rest most of their starters. So it is up to BC to ewin the game that means nothing to Calgary.
I am sitting on the fence on this. I would love to see BC have to go to the riders turf to play and have them win there after the incident. But hteother half wants me to see the Lions host.

Wow Calgary fans must hate the Riders more then they love the stamps. I don't care if the game is meaningless, you don't cheer against your team. Part time fans, part time fans....

OMG you caught us red handed and red faced :oops: yes we do hate the riders enough to cheer against our own team.
Well not really, but if it amuses you, ok

Go Lions go

Told ya they are part timers.

Who is cheering against my team I just want the team to be healthy for the important game. this is a nothing game to the Stamps. And it should be played that way I am sure expect a BC win. No hate for the riders at this point in time.