Go Sask go

Send the Don home on a scooter. He thinks he's bigger then the team.

Kick his ass. Then walk through Toronto.

Good luck!

I'll be cheering for you.

I'm sure the Riders are gald they have you on there side Eskylo.

IF the Riders beat the Al's, and only IF they do, I'll cheer for them in TO.

HOWEVER, the odds aren't on their side, and I believe that they will lose badly to Montreal in the BIG O!!

Well thanks, I hope my team wins the East too. I will be hoping you win against Edmonton, but I would rather BC wins in the Final. Will be alot more fun at the Cup if BC is in it. Especially if the Riders happen to make it too.

Oh ya well take this GO STAMPS GO send teh biggest cap violators in the league home with nothing two can play at this game

Thats the plan.

Not a chance, those Riders will have a tough match against Montreal. But if they do beat them (and I hope Montreal beats them too), then Allen, Bruce, Baker, Miles, Eiben, and Fletcher will take care of them.

And if they don't take care of them?

.....it's okay, Dbush.....his Allen, Bruce, Baker, Miles, Eiben, and Fletcher will have to get by Crandell, French, Thomas, and Bailey.......wait a minute..........

Look past the better guys why don't ya :slight_smile:


What, you don't like Marcus "Inconsistent" Crandell, Jason "Butterfingers" French, Charles "Holding, Saskatchewan #53" Thomas, and Karsten "I can't catch if I have to run" Bailey? What gives?

you forgot Mr. Brighteyes himself, N. Greene.

Ah yes.....Nealon "Flex the Guns" Greene.....

jm02, that was the best nickname list I've read in a while..... especially Thomas', I laughed out loud. Good thing nobody's here. :slight_smile:

Did you notice that nobody else on the O-line took a penalty last week, but good ol' 53 took like 4 or something?

Go riders! With better playcalling!!

.....I do my best.....

as much as i enjoy rider bashing there are a couple of them i would like on my team. mostly lineman, all but thomas on o and nate on d. then of course there is holmes. the rest sask can keep.

but rider fans, the sooner you accept the upcoming loss the easier it will be for all of us.

[quote="Eskylo"]Send the Don home on a scooter. He thinks he's bigger then the team'

Give me some examples

By not going for the tie , and for the win [2 point covert] , VS.... B.C. , that proved to be costly down the road.Those possible points could have come in handy FOR Montreal , now.

I'll never watch the CFL again.

.....so let me get this straight.....all of a sudden risk-taking (although I didn't agree with the decision, but I'm not the coach) equates thinking you're bigger than the team?? That makes sense..... :roll: