Go Riders

Well, hats off to Regina and its preparations for the 101st GC.

I salute the only true football fanatics in the country and wish them the best for GC 2013. I (sigh!) hope that football fever catches on elsewhere in the league.

I won't watch the game but do hope Saskatchewan wins.

In part I want the Ti-Cats to get pumped so that the Als don't think they were truly close to being Grey Cup calibre, but mostly it is because Henry Burris is vastly over-rated and I simply don't respect him. He beat the Als and won MVP for leading his team to ONE touchdown and 5 field goals. If Hamilton benches Burris and goes with either of the backups, then I still prefer Saskatchewan but am not so against Hamilton.

Petty perhaps, but I fully admit.

The other current CFLer in that category is Kevin Glenn.