Alright boys, tonight you have an excellent opportunity to put yourself closer towards a home playoff game again! Separate ourselves further from the Rest of the West... Calgary plays Hamilton, and you never know! we have the chance to be alone in first place! all we need to do is play a solid game! solid O Solid D and Solid ST!

we can do it! :slight_smile: :rockin:

Right on! Seize the opportunity.

gonna be a great night tonight. Riders are going to be strong.
Keys to victory:
The Darian Diaries, Look for big numbers tonight "dear diary, tonight I DESTROYED the BC secondary...."
Open the Cates, I expect to see wes in 100+ tonight
Chick N Baggs, Little bit a shake n bake with Buck being on special

These may be a bit of an exageration but I do expect Durant to have a very well played game also having fun now he doesn't have to battle the elements too.

I wonder if Terminator terminated himself???

Keep the momentum going with Fantuz. Last week he showed why he is so important to this team. He can make catches that other guys can't, we have to continue to give him opportunities to make big plays, because he will if he has the chance!

Here we go. Looks like Winnipeg's opened the door for us, let's make sure to take advantage of this.

Also, if we win, BC's playoff chances will be in jeopardy and that's something we can all get behind.

Why is it when ever I make a comment like this the exact opposite happens D looks great Durant has got to give his head a shake and get back in the game GO RIDERS GO DURANT

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh crap!!!! ok terminator where are you?? you would be right this time Durant has completely crapped the bed tonight

Jesus Christ. Just like the Riders, given a chance to practically secure a home playoff game and we the bed. Of course the O plays like garbage for 57 minutes then gives us 2 minutes of hope and this is when the D, who have played amazing for the rest of the game, gives up a huge drive.

You nailed it. Painful game to watch. The way the D hammered Pierce in the first half I didn't think he'd see Saturday.
But finally the O shows up and defence goes away. These guys need to understand that you have to win consecutive games in the playoffs to win a championship. Win one, lose one is not taking us anywhere.

And the commentators have to mention Durant's name as in the running for MVP?? I can name 10 players that should be in the running before him and none of them are Riders!

Well now I see some on this board are starting to see the light. 57 minutes of crap like that and they expect to win a championship, good luck with that. Like I said, Durant, Lapolice and Miller will not be in town next year.

:roll: :roll: :roll:

Durant stunk the joint, he took steps back
throwing high,missing receivers
The Int after the defence came up with the fumble recovery is huge
When will we win a game to make life easier for us

Our offensive line didn't have a very good game. We couldn't get a running game going and there was too much pressure on Durant. Admitted Durant didn't have his best game but if the D could've rose to the occasion in that last BC drive we would have at least salvaged a tie but more than likely would have won.

There is a big difference between us and you terminator
Seeing the light,lol
Durant was bad but unlike you i am still supporting him and wish him to win with this team