Go Riders (or both teams lose) thread

Just remember The U Of T has as many Grey Cups.

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Go Ticats. Go Sask. (Today)

Raining cold day, perfect for a double header.

Every time we can get through a week with Suitor only calling 1 game, it's a win for Canadians.


What a pick by Marshall


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So do we want Schiltz to keep being ineffective if it means MTL rides with T.Harris?

I think I’m cheering for Schiltz to play just well enough to keep his job.

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It's hard to pick Harris can look bad but he can also look good. Schiltz just tends to look average.

Who cares we won't play them again.

What about the playoffs?

They'll lose to Toronto in the ESF.

Don't look now. Harris

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Guess we will find out if it matters.
Doesn't look like a big threat so far

Riders need a guy that can go get 50/50 balls.

Well at least his balls will be balanced! Could you imagine...?

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A extra reason to cheer for SSK: if they somehow clinch second in the west before the last week of the season, they would likely rest some starters for their game against us.


Remember this?

Riders punting with 13 seconds on the play clock.

But we're just supposed to trust the coaches?

Well it's hard to see how this one can go to OT

Not a thing for most guys

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With the MTL loss, HAM now controls our own destiny. If we just win our last three games we are assured of first place.

(I think?)

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