Go Powder Your Nose?

Wow just watched Mike Kelly on tsn.ca (I think he was Joking) but if just say a coach was to talk about Winfield like that I think I would want his head on a platter kinda curious to see what the Winnipeg fan's think.

This guy ain't gonna last the year in Winnipeg.

This is becoming a throw a way year in Winnipeg and he has got to go. His QB (Lefors) is terrible and Bishop is not the answer.

Back up. Who was he talking about? Armstrong?

I've said it `1000x before and i'll say it again. Kelly's a tool, he's just making him self look worse and worse with each passing day.

Milt Stegal

He was dissing Stegall???? ROTFLMFAO

8) Kelly was just responding to a reporter regarding the comments that Stegall made regarding the QB situation and specifically, Micheal Bishop in Winnipeg.
 Kelly said Milt needs to just powder his nose and get ready for the cameras on his new job on TSN  !!

 It was said in jest for heavens sake  !!!

Ya it was said when Stegall said Bishop is only a short term fix for this year and it a qb will be addressed in the off season. A reporter asked Kelly if this was the case and that was his response it wasn't bad or anything no need to get bent out of shape.

Dosen't beat his comment two weeks ago.

Mike Kelly: "It isn't Rocket Surgery"

What is rocket surgery Mike ?

There are a lot of similarities between Mike Kelly and Geroge W. Bush except that GWB didn't sport man-booobs the size of Rosann Barr.

Well, “rocket surgery” would have been really apt had Kelly opted for John Bobbitt as his QB. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Reattached Wee,

"Rocket Surgery" is often used as a play on words/joke. That rocket that went over your head.

Similarities between Mike Kelly and George W Bush? Me thinks you've been watching too much Daily Show. Then again, Obama reminds me of John Huard so maybe both are fair comparisons after all.

P.S. "Dosen't"?

YUCK, reminds me of guesstimate, another one I detest. It’s rocket science or brain surgery. Or estimate! Just makes you look dumb or pretentious, neither of which are flattering. by Amy Olson 10 Sep 08, 0844 GMT
At least Huard is an Amercian citizen.

Mike is a tool and saddly he makes Taff look better lol and that is hard to do as i remember taff trying to throw a third challenge flag in last years labourday classsic

Kelly doesn't want to be criticized.

He hand picked a QB who is doing terrible.

His back ups were garbage.

He brings in Bishop, has about 2 good drives and can still only put up 13 points.

This guy is writing his own way out of Winnipeg.

Guess he's hating on Milt because he's right. Maybe we are seeing now why Milt didn't want to come back this year.

Someone needs to throw him back in the tool box and lock the lid. This guy has no class and makes himself look so brutal. I am so thankful our coaching staff are professional and all business. I really love the enviroment MB and team are creating her in the hammer.


I don't know who Amy Olson is but here's another Amy singing an appropriate song:


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I'm sure it was said in a joking manner, but he's just giving the Bomber fans more reason to call for his head (as if they need it). Stegall is a GOD to some of the people of Wpg and the insinuation is that he should just leave the football talk to the people who know what they're doing. It's kind of funny, but not very smart.

My boyfriend and I were talking about it and he likened it to going into Edmonton and peeing on Wayne Gretzky's statue. :smiley: I thought of how we would react if our coach had knocked Winfield as well.

IF that ever happened, the Spanish Inquisition would have NOTHING on me as to what might happen... lol

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Here's an unrelated thought:

Had this message board been around during Earl's era, there would have been a vocal minority of posters calling for his head, criticizing him, saying he is overrated, has lost a step, celebrates inappropriately, etc.