Go Penn State! Rose Bowl Some Trivia!

Every time I watch Penn State in a Bowl game I remember one of the Best bowl games ever. Fiesta Bowl 1987 Vs Miami, National Championship on the line Vinny Testeverde 4th and Goal 18 seconds left throwing for the win to the end zone ............Intercepted by #90 Peter Giftopoulos "Gifto" not bad for a Steeltown kid from the Hammer who would later become a Ticat...........CLASSIC :thup:

i was rooting for the nittany lions today too, not a big USC fan.

so as you know im not to impressed with the outcome of the game :thdn:

I like the very basic uniform of the Nittany Lions, almost the same look as my high school team to be honest. Simple but works. Too bad for the outcome, agree. :cry:

Unfortunatly we (Penn State) didn't fair so well. Southern Cal is a darned good team I just don't like their classless behavior. Today I shift to the Alabama game, they are my other favorite NCAA team. ROLL TIDE!!!