Go Mac Go -Mitchell Bowl

So far what a physical close game , Mac having some injury trouble :x tough hard fought game in the trenches :cowboy:

Go Mac for sure but what's up with the OUA and CIS? I could watch the earlier game online on Radio Canada but for the Mac game on OUA TV online you have to pay and have a subscription. Get your you know what together CIS for how you market and air your games. Weird. :roll: :roll: :roll: I don't subscribe to Sportsnet 360 as I only get basic cable and am happy with this package but I don't know, the CIS should have some consistency with what they are doing and obviously that is not the case. Oh well, I have other things to watch right now, your choice CIS.

Go Mac Go at any rate!

Ps Boyz why is the Vanier cup in Freezing Montreal and not in the cozy location of the Dome at Bc place , thought they usually play the same venue on Saturday at the Grey Cup?!

Jesse the sportscaster nice bow tie !

RB Moore 19-7 lets go Mac :thup: :rockin:

24 -10 MAC 2:34 left in the fourth

Rain really starting to pour @ Les Prince Field.

Congrats to our Mac Mauraders ! Kick some French butt next week in Montreal ! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

MAC had 9 sacks on D and 41:00 mins of possession on O, 24-12 MAC final.

Woulda shoulda coulda been a lot bigger of a blowout, Mt. A never stood a chance today!

Good luck next week in YUL boys! :rockin:

Would anyone know the last time we had two national semi final games in the Hammer in the two highest Football Competitions in Canada (CFL, CIS) on the same weekend? Has it ever happened?

So for the third time on the last four years, the McMaster Marauders got themselves into the Vanier Cup game. There wasn't a lot of scoring in this one, as one would expect when it's two good defences going up against each other and with rain coming down. But Mac RB Wayne Moore got the job done after RB Chris Pezzetta got injured and did not return. And receiver Daniel Vandervoort caught nearly every pass that Marshall Ferguson threw.

But it was the defence that got it done. Nick Shortill has been referred to as the best linebacker available in the 2015 CFL draft. But Mark Mackie had five sacks, and so it was no surprise that he was named the MVP of this one.

I didn't see much of the Uteck Bowl game. But it looked like it was a good one as I understand Montreal forcing the Manitoba QB to fumble near the end of the 4th quarter was what sealed the win for the Carabins. I was interested in seeing how Ticat draft pick Mathieu Girard would do. I understand that he was drafted because he could be used as a long snapper. But I recall hearing him referred to as "unblockable" and could have a future for us at DT. Another player to watch during that game was Manitoba receiver Nic Demski, who is considered the best receiver available in the the 2015 CFL Draft.

I expect the Vanier Cup game to be a good one and I can see it going either way. I'm not sure if this McMaster team is as good as the ones that made it to the Vanier Cup in 2011 and 2012. But they may be good enough to get that Vanier Cup win. They were good enough to get themselves into that Vanier Cup game anyway.


So the home team in Hamilton gets the win by showing that defence is its strength, and is now going to a championship game. That's what I'd like to be able to say after tomorrow's game at THF.

In my opinion, the score flattered Mt. Allison with Mac winning the time of possession 41 minutes to 19.