Go Long Horns!!

With Our Season all But Done...
Thank God I have the NFL and US Collage Ball.
I am now Watching the Texas Long Horns Woop Utep.

Hook Em Horns..


I just listened to my Hurricanes lose to Florida 26-3. I wasn't looking for the Canes to win anyway, Florida is a power house this year and Miami is, well kinda like the Ti-Cats... rebuilding.

But at least Miami is doing something about it, they had the best recruiting class in the nation this off-season.

The only good thing about today's Tiger-Cat game was my boy out of "The U" Sherko Haji-Rasouli, got the win lol.

Next year we should think about checking out some players from Miami, they always seem to be a pro factory.

also Watched UCF and USF Great Game went into OT.

Well all of you big school fans are proud of your wins and uber money making, I will stick with my ISU Cyclones through thick and thin. 2-0 Baby

Troy Davis U!

Haha no offense but the "U" hasn't really been the pro factory you speak of for years. Hopefully their rise can be perfectly with our Cats.

And in this years ACC they might have a shot at the title...

MISSOURI TIGERS! Chase Daniels is leading em to the national championship.

I have two favorite College teams

Alabama Crimson Tide- my little brother played there.

Penn State- I'm an adult student there.

Don't forget Seneca Wallace, lol

the best team is USC by far, no matter who is QB they will do work on you. They have their biggest challenge this weekend as they take on OSU who are coming off a close victory against Ohio.

The only team i see challenging USC this year will be Flordia or West Virgina despite their loss to East Carolina. WVU has to much fire power not to challenge any team

I follow alot of teams in US college ball…

2 teams I’m keeping a close eye on…

Mississippi State…Remember the SEC took alot of heat for not having any black coaches,so the SEC higher ups threw a bone to the folks who were complaining and gave Sly Croom the job.I think they figured if the Bulldogs failed and Croom got fired,it would’nt be that big a deal because State is one of the smallest schools in the SEC in Starkville,Mississippi.
A funny thing happened on the way…Over the last 3 years,Sylvester Croom has made huge strides at MSU.Last year they knocked off Alabama and Auburn and won the Liberty Bowl!This is now the third year Croom has been there and we should start to see the fruits of his recruiting.It’ll be interesting to watch!

Another team I’m interested in seeing how they do is Wake Forest in the ACC.Al Groh simply does a spectacular job at a small school in a conference with Florida State,Clemson,Maryland,Virginia Tech,and,Georgia Tech…Not exactly cream puffs!