Any predictions mine is 26 for the BC LIONS and 22 for the Esk.

EDM 32 BC 18

64 - 17 for the Lions. Ray will throw three picks and Mass will throw two in relief. Lions will get 7 sacks and 5 offensive TD's.

BC 30 Edm 25. Edmonton starts Maas too late, O'mahony goes 0-for-3 kicking. Misses from 32, 25, 16 and a convert.

Edmonton will be leading by 2 points. In trots Duncan O'Missy for a chip shot from the 24 yard line. Its wide left and Tompkins concedes the Single for a one point Edmonton win.

Please let me be wrong!

Ah I think this game will really show that BC earned those 11 wins. The Eskies will be sent home! Go Lions Go

lol, hey red, your team choked sooo, you were sent packing ., bye bye... calgary sucks

Duncan O'Mahoney is certain to have a poor game, and i predict that some of his missed field goals lead to momentum shifts from bc to edmonton. Special team may be the difference in this one, go Fleming and Tompkins!

BC is the Home team but are the underdogs because they are the worst team going into the playoffs. Edmonton has beaten BC twice this year. The Quarterback situation is less volitile in Edmonton because Maas is a class act and a team player. BC needs to be angry, focused and disciplined. Sundays game will clearly show which team has players committed to each other and which team has players concerned only with personal goals. GO LIONS, THE ENTIRE PROVINCE OF BC IS WITH YOU. I WILL CONTINUE TO WEAR BC LION COLOURS IN EDMONTON EVEN IF YOU LOSE.

Edmonton's fortunes will go the way of Flemwad, whatever he feels like doing on this particular day

are gonna demolish the b.c. pussy cats, all you bandwagone b.c. tree huggers gonna be crying after the game...

Hah! all the Esks have to do is throw their jerseys on the field at BC Place and they will win.. it will be over by the second quarter... final, something like 48-10. Edmonton's professionalism, coaching, talent, attitude and all-'round excellence will be apparent.
Yah, Eskies! The GREATEST!! LOVE'EM!!!!

ESKS ARE GOING TO THE GREY CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eskies it is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!