Go Lions

Yell like youve never yelled before at the game!!! Cahoon back he's just going to get injured again!! Get you BC Lions fan spirt on get car flags wear orange!!!! :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile: :lol: Did you hear the ariticle about the Lions being cockey, thats so dumb. It seems like everybody hates the lions cfl.ca says there going to lose the province says there going to lose. The Lions are nobodys seconed favorate team. Were going to keep it like that! Al's suck
What time is it? Time to beat Montreal!! :lol:
Go Lions Go! Roar Lions Roar

I read in the Province too , I think it was gilchrist, about the lions supposedly being cocky . A load of bs I say. If anything , the Lions have been a real down to earth team . Just who's been cocky?? Obviously Gichrist hasn't been watching them saying something stupid like that. He's probably been to busy day dreaming about the canucks like all our media to notice anything about our Lions.

What a freaking idiot Gilchrist is…if he thinks a team that says they haven’t been playing well is cocky, than he is a damn fool. A cocky team would be saying things like, “oh yeah, we’re gonna go 18-0, and take the Cup…no one can beat us”. That would be cocky.

Didn't Ed Phillon say something about going 18-0 last year the day before the Lions kicked the Als arse?

At least they couldn't return the favor this year :smiley: