Go Lions! (stupid 15-character minimum)

Lost to Argos twice. Says more about them or us ?

"Devotes off season to cave painting, making bone necklaces and mastodon hunting"

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MBT getting the full BLM protection as QB of the Argos.

Anyone watching TOR starting RT Tate?

What on earth just happened with that penalty exchange?

Is this league serious?

Just dropped a pass he totally should have caught.


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Slide, Macbeth, slide!

Boris Bede being fined for pretending to tackle/trip Stanbeck while on the bench is so on brand for the Argos


Friend at game says one staffer manning $5 beer concession. Large line so he went for 2 Stella instead. $32 with tip. MLSE aren’t stupid. Bastards…but not stupid

PICK Six!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just follow the script BC . Win this week and lose next week .


There's no chance Toronto loses this game. Seen enough to know they'll pull it out.

The officiating standards in this game have hit a new low


BC seems to rely too much on the deep throw, given the problems their QB is having with accuracy.

Our DBs will feast on him.

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36 yd FG no good. Literally nobody surprised Toronto caught a break.

:poop: :poop:

Maybe they want Bertolet