Go Lions! (stupid 15-character minimum)

Forcing us to watch more of this

Too bad the ball didn’t hit that DB in the back as he ploughed into the receiver - that would have made it legal.

Why yes, yes it would

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You just know BC isn't getting the 2 pt convert.

Back to Kate in the studio.

What the hell kind of throw was that for the 2-pointer???

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Dinwiddie should be fired for that June Jonesish clock management.

Toronto is terrible.


Not even close. I smell payola…

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Ok? Hi AdamPeete welcome to the community.

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More likely: Reilly has fallen hard into the painfully average category.


Or disinterested?

Oh well. You know what they say: "For sum, the universe is unraveling as it should!"

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Unfortunately for him, BC and the league you may be right.

That is going to be one epic display of kicking next week.


Comacho goes 6-6. Including the 55 yd game winning FG.

BC 28
Ham 27

Wouldn’t surprise me.

If BC let’s their kicker into the Locker Room their Franchise should be revoked

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Duke Williams looks disinterested

Isn't it traditional out West to gift said kicker with a truckload of horse poop?

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Was there a Devier Posey sighting at all? I am missing today's games because of migraine