Go Lions! (stupid 15-character minimum)

Beat the blew team.
Then lose to us...

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Need Reilly not to suck today. So far no luck on that front.

Plenty of great seats available at BMO

Non TC game threads ? When did this start ?

Macbeth forgets that he’s the holder on FGs.

Seriously, what is with the skull on Macbeth ? He's got a cro magnon/ neanderthal thing going on.

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TSN main camera looks horrendous. BC isn't orange. More like brown.

Yes. Somethings off

Doesn’t look like the Lions are going to help our cause…

Michael Reilly looks disinterested

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Lions going for two scoreless games in a row?

3 would be epic.

"Macleod, your coach called you the face of the franchise . Thoughts? "

"Oog, argggh".

"Wait, I still have to hold for FGs?"

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"Me Macleod. Me team player"

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Wheres Chris Cuthbert when you need him?

"Did you see that??"

An Argo win will almost clinch a ticat playoff spot.the ticats will get their own chance to overtake the argos

Nobody does "why did we let Figueroa go"

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Which one is which ?


That’s the face of the franchise?