Go Lions Go

Since my Ticats aren't going, I have to throw my support behind BC for next weeks Grey Cup. And here's to Arland Bruce. I would have loved to see you win the Cup while playing for the Cats....but I can be happy to see you win it next week.

I hope AB3 wins his cup I'm Cheering for Him ....

Oh yeah....Go Lions!!!!

Let's get Bruce a ring...and Brown just gets the finger!!!!!

Definitely going for the Lions: us cat species need to stick together. (and a Lion is more Majestic than a mosquito!)

I think my signature says it all.

There's been some speculation about whether or not Wally Buono will retire after this Grey Cup game. His press conferences and media comments have been different lately, something of a different tone than what you would usually hear from Wally.
I certainly hope that Wally Buono is successful at winning this Grey Cup at home this year, especially if he's considering retirement of any kind. He really does deserve to go out on a high note. It would be a great idea for him to maintain his GM position in BC. Wally doesn't really have anything else to prove. He's already surpassed Don Matthews in the winning record. However, I disagree with some of the ideas that Wally is a "great coach", in terms of what he appears to actually be doing as a coach. It seems to me by observation that Wally is simply overseeing the work of his coordinators. I really think that Jacques Chapdelaine and Mike Benevides are doing most of the work in BC. Because of this, either one of them would be a perfect successor to Wally as Head Coach. I think this transition would be perfectly seamless, since Wally is already behaving more like a GM than a Head Coach now. In any case, the BC Lions are definitely better this season than the Ticats are, and a Grey Cup win would definitely solidify that fact. :cowboy:

This is a very good observation and would lead me to believe that he might be a very good coach. Someone once told be a great coach or manager tell's his people what he wants done and then get's out of way and let's them do. :slight_smile:

After the bombers scored that unnessary touchdown sunday, I Hope the BC Lions blow out the bombers. I can't stand the bombers.

I'll be pulling for the team from Hamilton at the Vanier Cup. :thup: GO MAC.

Yes the Lions wil win due to the fact that the Bumers don’t have a copy of the Lions game playbook or any spy information. :smiley:

Wow the Bombers had a spy and the Ti-Cats playbook all season long? They pretty much owned them the whole season :wink: