I’m close to being banned guys, but I just wanted to say that I stood up for the Lions on this site when others would simply bash them. I’m a Lions fan for life and will always be.

I’m proud of our team, but I’m also very proud to be associated with fans like you.

All the best guys. Lions Grey Cup Champs 06/07.

Where did your Cya thread go, are you gone can you give me a sign? Your no way even close to offensive as those calgary people.

Gee Bobby I guess your losing all your friends , Thats really to bad for you . Maybe you and your friends should control your emotions when on other team Forums . It really shows you have no class . maybe you don't remember the time when the lions couldn't even draw 16k for a game and nearly folded , I think your only bitter about the EE because the owned the Lions for sooo many yrs. You should be gratefull for the Eskimos as they have been the most consistent team in the CFL and have lead the league in attendance and have been the most stable franchise in the history of the CFL some would say that if it wasn't for Edmonton the league may have folded in the early 90's . But this may be a mute point anyway cause if Toronto gets an NFL team we all might not have a team.

What exactly did I say about Edmonton? What has the attendance and RLR have to do with each other?
I have no class why?
If I lived in a CFL city Id have season tickets no matter which one I lived in. 1995 I even had Lions season tickets for a 3.5 to 4 hour drive each way that is.

You forgot the 34 years without missing the playoffs. Hey I will miss RLR over the time he has been on I found to understand his humor and that he had no intent to become annoying to others on the forum. No doubt he defended his team. I guess the point being is if a mod points out these things to you maybe you should cut some slack to the guys you debate with. First off in some cases with my good friend RLR it was not so much the debate he was getting into but the fact he would rub it in. There are those on iother team forums who just can not take it and allow it to become personal. If you know someone that can not take it in fun simply do not respond in a manner that would offend them. I know I sometimes get under some of my Rider and Bomber friends. I know the ones that know I am having fun with them and I know the ones that will complain and cry. This site is for football debate and fun. Just do not get carried away. Debralynn jumped at me at one time but I think she now understands that I did not mean to cause her to be upset. She is a good dedicated fan tro her team as well. It seems the rivalary of the Lions and Riders is heating up it is natural I would take the side of the Lions. I have defended the Lions at times as I have for the riders. That just do not get so serious and bent over things. Have fun and of course stand by your team.

Good post 05. That's why I haven't posted as much. I enjoy reading posts in the forums but seems there are alot of pissing matches on here. It seems to carry into every thread.

It's just a game and people have to learn to have thicker skin. They are just words and opinions. Everyone is entitled to them.

For some reason, Riders fans think Lions fans are being arrogant and pretty much attacking everything Lions fans say on these forums. Lions fans have a right to have pride in their team because they are the defending GC Champs (I know it goes overboard sometimes) but it is no different when Riders and Bombers fans do it because their team in winning. I can just imagine what the fans would be like if the Riders or Bombers win the GC.