Go Lions from Ottawa

Hi all

I live in Ottawa(moved here two years ago from Van!!!)

I will be at the game next week when BC visits the Rens.

Is Dickenson ready? I got 20 bucks on the game, and I would love to see us go 10-0.

BTW: My friend who I am going with is a huge fan of.....get this....Hamilton. I stopped raggin on him when his team was 0 and 4, and BC was 4-0. I just felt too sorry for him...

Can't wait to see you at Frank Claire..........I will be rootin for ya!!!


Newspapers have been silent. I guess onc ethe team resumes practicing today, we'll find out if Dickenson is ready.

Printers has some shoulder problems and is having an MRI done today. Buck Pierce will be the backup (Maybe starter?) in Ottawa. I'm not sure who #3 will be. Rumour had it that Jarious JAckson may be ready (Broken finger)

Heard on the radio that Dickenson is ready to go today , can't see him being out. Should get us out of that " mini-slump" we were in last week. Lions should be ready to get serious and roll after there bye! Should be a great second half for the Lions.

Wow what a game

Joseph just sucked. I am somewhat disappointed because I have gone to other Ren games and have been cheering them on. It might have been a different game if the Rens played like they did in the fourth quarter vs Montreal in the early part of the season and squeaked in a win.

I stopped cheering in the 3rd quarter because i got bored, and BC was just too far ahead. Too bad I was actually hoping a close game to get my monies worth.... some teen near me was telling me Dickenson sucked. I am like you got to be kiddling. I told him that he could boo BC, but you can't tell a 9-0 team they suck....

I would love to fly back to Van to see the Grey Cup and visit my family and friends!!!!!


West: BC bye, and Edmonton vs Calgary in Semi - Cal wins 28-17
East: TO bye, Montreal vs Ottawa in Semi - Ottawa win 30-26

Finals: BC beats Calgary 36-10, TO beats Ottawa 33-21
BC wins cup 37-13..............!!!!

GO LIONS!!!!!!!!