Go Kenton Go!

Hope he does well! Just ran for 7 yards on his 1st NFL carry!

go kenton!!!!!

i am a ticat fan but i am very excited for kenton and hope he does well

Yeah so do I. I've always liked Keith. I see Michaels and Madden have a very low opinion of him saying that the Colts have nobody at running back after Addai and that Keith isn't noway ready to play. I hope he runs for 100 yards just to show that some ex CFL'ers can play in the NFL too.

It would be good exposure for the CFL if he had a good game. Of course it all depends on whether or not Addai will be back or not.

Reggie Bush just got owned lol!

go kenton!!!i hope addai is out for the season so kenton can show them what a real running back looks like!

Addai is fine... which is alright...

Yeah, the Colts used alot of Rhodes and Addai last year so I'm sure Keith will get his fair share of the carries as well this year. Actually this is Addai's first game that he has started (only player to rush for 1000 yards in a season and not to start a single game in NFL history) so Addai isn't exactly a chiseled veteran either.

Yeah, but he is skilled. I read that the Colts are still considering going after a proven backup, but we will see what happens.

i too find myself watching this crap soley to see kenton kieth show these stiffs what a REAL football player can do...but i cant stomach anymore and am going to bed.

What happened to the KJ sig/banner? :frowning:

This was a great game! Keith ended with 32 yards on 5 carries. Not bad.

And I wouldn't worry about Addai... he's gonna be a star! But Keith should provide some decent help.

And to the haters who say Indy has no defence... we just held the best offence to 3 points! :smiley:

Now let me see, what, 31 teams in the NFL and access to the best football players available and you make 2nd string, and according to Madden and Michaels, they have no one after Addai. Wow, bad scouting on the part of the Colts I'd say if this was the case. Running back isn't like qb for pete's sakes, not as difficult to learn everything. Wierd.

too bad. You missed some good football.

Go Colts.

At least John Madden pronounced Saskatchewan right!