Go jason GO

Go jason Go that all i have to say i support u 100% of the way anyone who else feel's this way comment here but this is all this thred os for

How can you not cheer for Jason?

Here's hoping he has a great outing!

Go Jason GO ... to the back of the line ...
please get healthy ... take the time
it's not the same ol' sond we sang,
now you're backing up Timmy Chang.

The Bassman


Go Jason Go!

Preferably to another team.

Couldn't agree more. I'm so tired of having to hear the same complaint about Jason Maas OVER AND OVER again while the team fails to respond.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... It's time for a change.

Let's get Timmy Chang in there so the same "fans" can watch him for a few games and then start petitioning to have him replaced and shipped out of town.

It solved ALL the problems with the team the last time a starting quarterback (McManus) was run out of town by the fans. Just look at the 'tear' the team's been on since then. Let the "TiCat (fan) Tradition" of running the quarterback out of town continue!!! Nothing beats tradition!

Okay, done with the sarcasm. Maas has not been great the first two games this year. Neither has the O-line, nor have the receivers been. Surely no one is suggesting we blame the quarterback for that too?

This anti-Maas mentality reminds me of all the Leafs fans who wanted to run that "bum" Larry Murphy out of Toronto a few years back. So the Leafs gave him away and Detroit benefited en route to a Stanley Cup victory (in which Larry Murphy played a significant role).

Young, mobile quarterbacks WILL look better behind a "work-in-progress" O-line, but if and when the line becomes cohesive, a healthy Jason Maas could be a tremendous asset to this team.

I agree with argoNOT about the O-line. Once they 'gel' I am sure Maas could do a good job as our starting QB. The one thing I noticed with Maas is his inability to spread the ball around the field to keep the defences guessing. I'm not sure thats his fault or the fault of our offensive coordinator but I can imagine that opposing defences would fear our offence when he decides to put the ball all over the field, spreading out secondaries and giving Lumsden room to run. Lumsden will be a record breaker only when the defences arent expecting him to carry the ball every down. Maas, please balance out our offence! I know Chang can...