Go Hank go, chant 'Rider fans

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LOL bring out those t-shirts, deflated, greenandwhite, Bigu. Mike etc.

Is there a more hated player by a group of people in sports...? :lol:

Hank feels he is loved by the rider fans. The Rider fans are in a state of loss and it will take them time. LOL

You guys just don't get it. BECAUSE Burris left, the Riders were able to accomodate the M.O.P. in Joseph and win a Grey Cup. Neighther would have happened if Burris was still a Rider. We owe nothing but thanks to Burris for leaving. He is still waiting to accomplish both of those things, while it's old news to Rider fans.


Time to dust off the old Burris Jersey's .... if only for one night.

Nice to see Hank is still the politically correct BS artist he always was. I noticed a few fumes rising from the pile Vanstone wrote as well (you know it is revisionist history when Vanstone, who I believe wants to have Hank's children says, " Even so, people turned on him instantly -- including this scribbler, whose criticism was, in retrospect, unfair."). Fact is, Rider fans will be hoping for the Stamps to win that game, but no one will have any doubts that the perfect game would see the Stamps win with Burris sliding into the endzone on a last second play, and then he pulls a tendon in his leg busting a move in some bizarre Copeland choreography afterwards, and he is sidelined for the play-off game. Make no mistake---regardless of the need for the Stamps to win that game, Henry Burris still s'ucks!!
Feel the love Hank!!

You don't need to put the ' anymore...

Really? Lets try.... Hank sucks .....


I don't want to get too off topic here, but we spoke with one of the administrators about it, and we all agreed that the word should come off the censored list. Though we still ask that people watch their language when posting.

Good move. It has long been a pet peeve of mine, and I actually likely used the word more often than I otherwise would have just because it was censored....
Once Hank retires, nobody will have much need to use the word in the future....

How bout Darcy Tucker by Sens Fans? Marion Hossa by Leafs Fans (Berard)? Daniel Alfredson by Leafs Fans (stick incident)? Not that he's a player, but how 'bout Danny Macciocia (sp?) by Eskies fans?

Off topic, I know.

Although dusting off the Joseph jersey didn't help the Argos last week.

I just wish Rider fans would get that loud for every QB that came to town.

Boy Arius yolu keep getting things wrong. Even if Hank retires the word sucks will always be needed for the Saskatchewan Riders.

Or Calgary's playoff record for the past 5 years

Dust it is because fans like Arius love to show how much they love Burris. Just like this Saturday we will Hear in cowtown oad and clear from prider nation the love for Hank. LOL I can picture Arius iwth his life size poster of hank and the x's and O's all over it. LOL

Or the GC record of the riders for the previous 17 years LOL.

Fixed it for you.

I never liked Burris. Not as a Rider, Not as a Stamp.

He was like a skinny Nealon Greene.

I certainly hope that Burris and Stamps beat the Lions though.