GO HAMILTON GO! (for this game)

The game is on! Hamilton vs Winnipeg, watch watch watch! GO HAMILTON GO! (for this game only)

Hamilton just got a touch down! WOOO! 7-0!!!

This looks pretty even so far... im scared :frowning:

We all are going to have to buy a nice gift basket for Bishop since it seems he is the one open the door for us for the playoffs.

So Lions are in!!!! Who will start??? Geroy SimonFan... I know you will want Casey to be the one!!

Lock n’ Load

Save your money. Send one to Markeith Knowlton instead.

haha leofan, right now, printers, JJ and maybe Lulay is our only chance. More so printers :stuck_out_tongue:

Man if the Lions get healthy in the next couple weeks watch out Hamilton Montreal whoever in the West cuz if they do get healthy, maybe even before the Lions are much deadlier than their 8-10 record.

I think just like the Canucks, its amazing how well this team has done. In face MORE amazing than the Canucks considering the fact that 5 QB’s have played and 3 of them in the last game. Well done Lions for making the playoffs I can’t think of a team more deserving of it and more deserving of a Grey Cup for it.