Go Greg Marshall Mustangs!

Hey I want to sit in my seats next week! :rockin: MUSTANGSSSSS! :thup:

Greg Marshall- sticks in the TiCats face and Hamilton's face. ha,ha,ha,ha, he makes the entire TiCats organization look like like, well you name it, you know the words I'm thinking of, ha,ha,ha,ha, makes Hamilton look like _______________

Hamilton, loser city puts OHL hockey in the dump, doesn't know how to make IWS even Grey Cup standard, dumps a winner like Greg Marshall, can you say LOSER CITY HAMILTON? Very good, I knew you could.

If it weren't for Bob Young, this city may as well well be some hick town 200 pop city in the middle of friggin nowwhere. City council are losers, build a NHL arena and guess what, no NHL team. ha,ha,ha,ha. no wonder the NHL doesn't want this loser city, Grey Marshall is laughing at everyone, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha.

Mustangs Go!!!

Why don't you tell us how you really feel Earl?

Chris, I'm a proud season ticket holder for the TiCats and I don't blame Bob Young for anything except resurrecting a TiCat franchise that pretty well might not even exist today if it weren't for him. Ok, he brought his IT mind and framework along with his love of Hamilton and the Ticats and I don't fault him for that, thank goodness he was around. And he probably knows now how to evaluate football related admin talent than before. So I think he is the first to congratulate Greg Marshall and his Vanier Cup appearance here.

What I'm really pissed at is I don't get the chance to beat the London Knights and my brother and the Hunter brothers at major junior hockey, man, that gets me deep down and I hate Hamilton for this. Also, I wish they had of upgraded IWS enough that it wouldn't be an embarrasement for someone like Bob Young to more or less say he wouldn't hold a Grey Cup in this city at this stadium (as much as I agree it is a good regular season CFL stadium).

He was successful in the CIS the first time he was there, which earned him a job in the CFL... he couldnt coach in the pros... he couldnt coach professional athletes, he couldnt win.

I hope Western wins the Cup because Greg deserves it, but it really has nothing to do with the failed experiment in Hamilton.

I would like to congratulate Greg Marshall and his Western Mustangs on their victory in the Mitchell Bowl. Marshall now finally gets to coach in a Vanier Cup game. He may not have succeeded as a CFL coach, but I would like to see his team win the biggest prize a CIS team can win.

I'm not sure about Western's chances of beating Laval though. I don't know how many of you were watching that Laval-Calgary game earlier today. But I did see that the Rouge et Or were leading 49-0 at the half. And yes, you read that correctly. I didn't see most of the game but that first half must have been like a game we'd rather forget compressed into one half. :slight_smile:

True enough, the Stangs will have their work cut out for them in this one. Wish I could go but I'll be in Montreal for some other football game that weekend. :wink: Why they scheduled the Vanier and GC on the same weekend is a mystery to me.

I too want to congratulate Greg Marshall.

I will be in Montreal as well, but will probably be in front of a TV watching this game.

Good Luck to Greg and Western!

Who knows what could have been, had Greg been aloud to continue what he started?

I feel he was let go TOO SOON!But that is water under the bridge, and he has moved on and is probably very happy where he is!

Some day he may get another shot at the CFL.

Same weekend....yes
Different city....no

At least if it's the same weekend but for whatever reason they can't have the Vanier in the same city as the Grey Cup, give it to a city that doesn't have CFL football all year, a CIS city. I know, negotiations went as such for this year but weird.

Good chance that in the not too distant future we could have two head coaches in the league with the name "Greg Marshall".....................and two football teams with the name "Rough Riders"

Now that would be cool I think albeit it'll get the traditional media "bush league" tag along with it.

Overlooking the absurdity of it all (which is hard)....

If we're supposed to accept with a straight face making it to the Vanier Cup somehow vindicates Marshall's losing pro career when Western gets obliterated by Laval next Sat. will that be also be weighed equally with his pro career.?
Somehow I doubt it.

I guess we will just have to wait and see...won't we? :wink:

BTW...nobody said it would vindicate his losing career, it was only mentioned in your post. :roll:

However...the fact remains, he has the best record as coach since the Bob Young era. :wink:

Duh, yes, read closer, someone in this thread said Marshall making it to the Vanier cup was sticking it in Hamilton's face, whatever that means, and making the TC organization look bad.

Of course a few out there who thought the same thing which doesnt make it right or even remotely logical or intelligent.

It's too bad others can't have an opinion and wish someone well in their endeavors. :roll:

Thank You for pointing out that anyone who doesn't agree with zontar has no opinion worth listening to. :thdn:

Perhaps you would be happier over at your "ticatfans" website where you chat with yourself and a couple your loyal subjects who wouldn't dare to disagree with the mighty zontar. :roll:

Oh, and one more thing...when you quote me...please don't forget to include the part where I mentioned that Greg Marshall has the best record since the Bob Young Era began. :thup:

BTW...has your guy, Coach Charlie emerged anywhere yet?

So you agree Marshall making it to the Vanier Cup makes Hamilton, the city ,and the Tiger-Cat org.look bad????

No...that's YOU trying to put those words to my post!

As usual...you've got it all "ass-backward"!

I think Greg deserves some credit for doing as well as he has in the short time he has been with Western.

I also think he should have been allowed to continue here in Hamilton!

Look how downhill we went after he left! You can't argue with History!

We are finally back on track I hope and I look forward to a winning team in Hamilton...I think the firing of Greg put us further behind!

Let's just wait and see how Western does! Let's see what kind of a game we get from them this Saturday!

Greg Marshall is a great coach and even though they will be in tough against a good team in Laval I know Greg is hard at work on a game plan to stop the potent offence Laval has .

He won coach of the year so I know he was and is a great coach .  It was a total lack of  talent he had when he was here that led to his undoing  .

Yes, history is a good measuring stick.
As no one in the slightest interest in hiring him even as an assistant has shown his hiring as an HC was a mistake and his firing was the correct move.

What Western does or doesnt do on Sat. has absolutely no bearing on his pro career. He's a sucessful coach in Ontario university football.

Why cant people just be happy with that ?