Obie, its not everyday one gets the opportunity to atone for ones sins, so if it`s there, GO FOR IT !!!

  Try this ..... ZEKE and KEVIN GLENN to Hamilton for CASEY PRINTERS and ( fill in the blank/s ).

no thanks.

Hi Stegalfan. Were you opposed to the trade from a Hamilton or Winnipeg point-of-view ?

It does make perfect sense. WE NEED A MLB! There is no reason to not go after him except for saving face.

From what I understood, the reason Obie didn't nix the deal once Tom Canada was off the table was because Zeke was already en route to Winnipeg. I just can't see why, if he's available, why the Cats would not be interested.

I'm sure Zeke would not squawk about coming back. Otis Floyd, Zeke Moreno, Markeith Knowlton. Yes, I like that linebacking corps. Let's get him. It just makes sense.

Zeke Moreno is not coming back to Hamilton.

oh boy here we go :roll:

I'll pass.

I wouldn't hold my breath.

With printers still around i think obie feels that we can't afford to pay him what he thinks he's worth.