Go get Joe Smith due to all the injuries

Go get Joe Smith due to all the injuries the CFL’s leading rusher in 2007…Smith ran for 1,510 yards in 2007 to lead the league and set a franchise record with the B.C. 29 years old

It seems like an obvious choice and he may be better than all the guys we have now anyway.
OR what about getting that little running back who got traded to BC for Joe Smith that had so many
great years in WPG . I am sure he can still play …Charles Roberts .

We've got DJ Cobb :thup:

Give the kid a chance. :wink:

With his speed I'd like to see him return punts as well.

I agree Cobb looks good but we can ease Cobb in .

If the Cats were to get a high profile replacement like Smith or Roberts, Cobb would not be "eased" in -- at least not on this board. LMAO

Mind you, the Cats made Corey Holmes effectively disappear, so I take that back. :wink:

Seriously though, I would like to see a younger back given a shot. Cobb first, but perhaps Ebell (ex-Argo). Time will tell.

Oski Wee Wee,

If all three running backs, Keith, MaCaulley and Smith are injured we are going to need more than Cobb. Bringing in Smith and another back would be a good idea.

It is simple really... this week, start Cobb.. if he (god forbid) gets injured in the BC game. Then before the Winnipeg game we can bring in any of these free agents... A.J. Harris, Joe Smith, Tyler Ebell, or Charles Roberts.

I have full confidence in DeAndra' Cobb to get the job done... he is faster than any of the running backs we currently have and he is a good return guy also.

Remember, just because we try to sign him doesn't mean he'll come here.

True dat, this is madden 09 where u can just go click signed, click signed,click signed, click signed. I'm sure they thought about it and the possibilities are: 1. A deal is being worked out 2. he's exploring all of his options first 3. Cats may not be interested 4. He may not want to come here 5. our offer might suck

  1. Due to salary cap implications or personality concerns no offer has been made by the Cats. Sorry that was #4

I thought Hamilton had picked up the young back from the Argos. Da'Shaun Thomas. The kid has a lot of potential, maybe just needs a chance to show what he can do in a game.

8) Last night on CH sports they interviewed Cobb and John Williams Jr. They both indicated that they would both be starting this next game in BC.
  I would like to know where the heck John Williams is on our roster ??  He is not listed on the active roster, or the IR or practice roster  !!!    Unless my eyes are deceiving me  !!

 The Ticats obviously have some players working out with them that are not being reported at all.  I know in the old days they used to be able to have players in on 14 day trials on a regular basis.

  But that doesn't explain why John Williams is not listed anywhere  !!!!        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

They're usually pretty quick to update that roster Tipper. Along with adding Williams, they have to move McIntyre to the practice roster, as well as correcting the jersey numbers of Drisan James and Marquay McDaniel.

Don't worry, your eyes are not deceiving you. He was listed on our roster before they switched over to this new website format.. they just have to update it again

8) Then how come Jamall Johson is listed on the active roster right now, and the new format was instituted well over a week ago. Johnson only signed with us 3 days ago ????
   Maybe John Williams Jr. is just playing for free, no contract, so they don't have to list him anywhere  !!!         <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

I think you are onto something... lol

I think they used an older roster after they updated the site... Now maybe they just added Jamall Johnson to the roster and didn't notice they haven't added John Williams and switched McDaniel and James back to their new numbers..

I am also all for Williams playing for free or getting payed under the table...:lol: :lol: